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The national football list is controversial, and the first 1 time was selected! Jankovic beat himself in the face, and Guoan became the winner

2023-02-28 04:03:09

As analyzed by many media before, due to the lack of domestic players, the U24 national youth team has to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September this year, so the national football team is difficult to complete the replacement of new and old this year, and the training list will also focus on selecting players who performed well in last year's league, to put it bluntly, it is mainly veterans.

The China Standard Time 2023 on February 27th, after the Chinese Football Association (CFA) announced Ković's appointment as the country's coach, the Chinese men's team's training list finally received an official announcement. As many media have previously analyzed, it is difficult for the national football team to complete the transition this year because the domestic players are not picking up the new players and the U24 youth have to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September this year, the training list will also focus on the selection of players who did well in last year's league, to put it bluntly, is mainly veteran players. But even so, the list of players with an average age of over 30 has caused considerable controversy.

In the 24-member list, last season's Super Champion Wuhan Sanzhen became a big exporter of international players, ren Hang, Xie Pengfei, Deng Hanwen, He Chao, Liu Yiming and Liu Dianzuo, all of whom were selected for their outstanding performances last season, are in line with the principle that those who performed well in the league last season will be selected with emphasis. Shanghai port, which finished fourth in the league last season, had seven players. Although the league has not performed well, there is no substitute for Wu Lei, Yan Junling, Zhang Linpeng and Jiang Guangtai in domestic football, it makes sense to be a big exporter of international players. However, Li Shuai, who made just one start and six substitute appearances last season, is inexplicable. Even in these seven appearances, Li Shuai has not shown himself to be superior. Let alone others, say the Dalian people after the loss of Li Shuai Plan B, the new season transfer to Shandong Taishan Sun Guowen, have a better reason to be selected.

In addition, in the last season to get the top three league and the FA Cup runner-up Zhejiang team, as well as the Chinese Super League's traditional giants Beijing Guoan, are no one selected. After the test of last season's competition, Zhejiang team's Zhang Jiaqi, Cheng Jin, Yue Xin, Dong Yu and so on are fully qualified for the national team's strength, may not be one step ahead of them. And Beijing Guoan's Zhang Xizhe, Chi Zhongguo and others can not be used, after all, the national team's new and old turnover is still difficult to complete. With the last 32 tournament in November and the Asian Cup in January approaching, what is most needed now is the ability of established players. It would be wise to wait until the Asian Games cycle is over before considering the old and the new. There is no point in“Looking to the future” without success in competitive sports. But it is also a good thing for the two clubs, which have their sights set on the new season, that their players do not have to be distracted by the national team.

As for naturalization players, in addition to the aforementioned Jiang Guangtai, ExxonMobil, who will be wearing the Chengdu Chengdu jersey in the new season, has also been called up. ExxonMobil has once again become a so-called “Patriotic representative”, with many fans. But recruiting ExxonMobil would seem to go against everything Yankovic himself had stood for. Judging from recent photos of ExxonMobil, his body fat percentage doesn't look like it's below 10 percent, exxon's current status is unknown. The other three naturalised players who have made it clear they want to return to the national side, Luo Guofu, Alan and Li Ke, have not been called up. It seems that even if Li Tie and Chen Xuyuan are taken away, the survival space of naturalized players in the national soccer team has not been changed, at least from the list of the first training session.