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2023-02-28 04:02:39

For Trump's team, they launched a trade war with the aim of restraining China's economic development and proving their hegemony to the world by the way.

The decision of the United States to attack Huawei, which should have caused a lot of problems, did not show the effect that the Trump team wanted.Instead, just this afternoon, Ren Zhengfei held the first press conference after the US attack on Huawei.

For the matter of the spare tire turning right, HiSilicon has already given the answer the night before.In the face of the US attack, Ren Zhengfei told reporters very clearly that they were ready.In order to cope with this day, Huawei's daughter sacrificed her health and time with her family.

Today, these sacrifices finally have a justified value.Huawei people can be prepared for danger in times of peace and strategize in storms because of Ren Zhengfei's objective understanding of the current situation.

He believed that to fall behind would be to be beaten, so he insisted on scientific and technological innovation. He pays attention to talent, is willing to spend a lot of money to attract talent, more willing to train talent.

He believes that the competition between China and other countries in the future is a competition for the quality of education, and he insists that a person must be diligent and good at learning.

He believes that in the future, a business operation, long-term development plan must have the corresponding response to the crisis program. This proactive attitude, reflects the level of Ren Zhengfei Management Enterprises, but more reflects his vision and pattern.

How sober a person must be to not get drunk in the midst of applause; How rational does a person have to be in order to maintain the composure of clearing the clouds and mist in the darkness?

When the public applauded Ren Zhengfei's shrewd fruit, Ren Zhengfei just said lightly that the most important thing for us is to do what we can do well.

What kind of chemical reaction will result from such a simple truth, which can permeate the whole corporate culture, to do the things you can do well? The rapid rise of Huawei is proof of that!

To do what you can do well, for a student, is to memorize the knowledge points and know how to use them; For an employee, it is to do things well within the scope of responsibility and seize the opportunity to develop and innovate; For a leader, it is to manage the enterprise in an orderly manner, formulate a feasible development plan, and supervise and implement it.

Although everyone is on a different level, when everyone insists on doing their own thing well, no one thing will be just a simple thing.

The duty of a soldier in war is to crush the enemy; the duty of an officer is to keep the soldier as safe as possible and to give the right command; and for the decision-makers who wage war, all they have to do is to predict the outcome of the war, to anticipate its consequences, and to ensure that the aftermath of the war is handled to the maximum extent possible.

For Trump's team, they launched a trade war with the aim of restraining China's economic development and proving their hegemony to the world by the way.Of course, if they play cards that cause chaos in China's domestic economy, they would love to see it.

But did it ever occur to them that, for whatever reason, when one person tries to control another by means of repression, the outcome is unpredictable. And for the Chinese, we are no longer the Sick man of Asia, or the weak, that Donald Trump imagined.

Donald Trump was somewhat surprised when we shouted the slogan “Talk, open the door, fight, fight to the finish”. Then a series of moves against Chinese companies took place.

Whatever the purpose of team Donald Trump, trying to control others in a dirty way should begin with understanding the other side's attitude to the matter. If there is no investigation, their so-called constraints will only end up embarrassing them. Ren Zhengfei's spare tire is the best example!

So, please, Lao, and do and cherish it!