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Heart Wide World Wide

2023-02-28 04:01:19

Everything is "I want to do" than "want me to do" to be smooth, others advise us to be broad-minded, we will complain that others do not understand people too much and may not really be forgiving, only when we are truly relaxed, we understand people, and also accommodate everything.

I heard that the three qualities that successful people need to have are: having the belly to tolerate those things that cannot be changed, having the courage to change those things that may change, and having the intelligence to distinguish between the above two types of things.

Not everyone can succeed, and not successful talent needs to have a belly.No matter who lives in this world, and wants to live a taste and a good life, you cannot live without a belly, and if you want to have a belly, you must not be generous.The heart is not wide, the heaven and the earth are small, the road is narrower and narrower, and there is not even a way out.

Everyone knows the big truth, but in reality, truth sometimes just doesn't work. Everyone knows that life should be broad-minded, open to all rivers, can really do so, talk about how easy it is? The most difficult thing is to convince yourself, as long as you convince yourself, things will be easy to do. Everything is“I want to do” than“I want to do” come to smooth, others advise us to be generous, we will blame others too do not understand people and not really understanding, only their own truly generous, only then have we understood people and accepted everything.

A person's fate, often in the hands of another person. A person to change their own destiny is bound to pay great hardships and costs. Society can never be absolutely fair, People's life, there are ups and downs, in the ups and downs, you will be the world's hot and cold all over. At any time, no matter what happens, everyone's heart should be more relaxed, more relaxed. In this way, you can help yourself through a lot of difficulties. Life is often the most critical few steps, in the most difficult moments, if not to give their confidence, courage and strength, will let their head broken bleeding. Heart Wide, you can cross the past, over the past, will feel that everything does not matter.

Alive, not wide also have heart wide. Life is short, how can there be too much energy to care about people who are not worth it! Heart Wide, everything is clear clouds. Because at the end of the day, it all goes away.

The heart is wide and the road is wide, and the heart is wide and the world is wide.Why not be forgiving? Heaven and earth are already wide!