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Information for expectant mothers

2023-02-28 04:01:04

防辐射服,生大宝的时候没有买,二宝因为保胎了三个月,格外小心,所以该关注的一样都没少,整个孕期都穿着防辐射服,对比了很多家,也买了2家的,最终选定推荐十月妈咪的高颜值防辐射服PART 3 生产篇临生产前,很多妈妈都没有经验,我跟大家说说,如

I am a mother of two children, for most expectant mothers, the arrival of the baby is undoubtedly a happy and exciting thing for the whole family, what should expectant mothers pay attention to during the hard pregnancy in October? Everyone is here to express their opinions.

Looking back on some of my experiences when I was pregnant with Dabao Erbao, I really still have it in my mind, summing up these experiences, hoping to help expectant mothers, I experienced a whole summer when I was pregnant with Dabao Erbao, the most time is basically summer, both babies were born in October, give you some experience, you can refer to it.Every mother hopes to give birth to a healthy, smart and beautiful baby, however, being a mother for the first time will always be nervous and will be troubled by some trivial matters, including diet, behavior and so on.

Part 1 diet


Part 2

After pregnancy, there is no doubt that the weight will increase, so the physiological state also has a lot of changes, for some of the behavioral taboos, also can let the mothers-to-be worry and do not know what to do. Can you have sex when you're pregnant? Of course, it's best not to have sex during the first three months of pregnancy. You still have to be a little more cautious, AH. It can be appropriate in the mid-term, and definitely not before labor. It will oppress the uterus, contractions, too. Well, in the third trimester of pregnancy, edema, lumbar acid, and so on. Many expectant mothers should also have them. At this time, can they soak their feet, ah, can they put on sore ointment, and so on? Many mothers are very concerned. In fact, at this time, Darling is growing up day by day, it's all normal. Go out for a walk or walk more. The swelling will also be relieved. Also, don't stay up late. Mothers-to-be who can't Sleep well at night can try sleeping on the left side, with a pillow between their legs, this will be more comfortable. Many expectant mothers would also wonder if playing with cell phones during pregnancy, using microwave ovens, induction cookers, computers, etc. would have an impact on their babies. Then, there must be some amount of these radiation, and long-term use would definitely have an impact, so radiation suit is also very necessary.

He didn't buy a radiation suit when he gave birth to da Bao. Niho was very careful because he had protected the fetus for three months, so he should pay attention to everything. He wore a radiation suit throughout his pregnancy, and compared many houses, and also bought two houses, finally Select recommended October Mummy's high-looking anti-radiation clothing

Part 3 production

Before giving birth, many mothers have no experience. Let me tell you, if it's red, then don't worry. You can climb the stairs at home and wait for the regular labor pains before you go to the hospital. If it's broken amniotic fluid, that would have to hurry to the hospital, or the baby will cause hypoxia intrauterine embarrassment. Until then, mothers-to-be should be careful not to leave anything behind. For the baby, keep a small bottle, a 400g can of formula, diapers, Darling's clothes, that's more or less enough. Mom's things, to prepare a labor bag, labor bag, then the basic things will have, but also three or four sets of pajamas, a little more comfortable. In addition, you can prepare some chocolate, Red Bull and so on.

There is a lot to say, I just said a rough idea, the problems encountered by expectant mothers in the pregnancy process can also be shared together,

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