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Firmament fantasy screenplay review-complete process answer-cue reasoning and truth reduction analysis revealed

2023-02-28 04:00:55

Types: aerial, emotion, conception, restoration, advanced, city limits, new form, suitable for team game: 6 people (3 men and 3 women, can not cross-play) access to the wechat Public Account: Totoro cutesy Sky Fantasy Screenplay Kill resume, Sky Fantasy Screenplay Kill Story Introduction, first of all thank you DM Open this book, carefully read this manual, “The sky unreal.”

How about the script to kill“Fantasy in the firmament” Ben? Isn't this fun? There's no answer for the murderer! If you need to get a playback, please follow the wechat public account“Totoro Cutie”, we have prepared a complete playback for everyone, including the process, rules, the murderer revealed, interpretation theatre, story playback, case reasoning and other relevant content. Each disk is different! If not clear can be consulted in advance online customer service inquiries.

Genre: Overhead, Emotion, Intention, Restoration, Advanced, City Limit, New Benge

Suitable for team games: 6 people (3 men and 3 women, not cross-dressing)

Wechat public account: Totoro Mengtan

The firmament fantasy script kills the replay

A brief introduction to the fantasy screenplay of the firmament

First of all, thank you DMs for opening this book and carefully studying this manual, "Sky Fantasy" is my first modern story in cyberpunk.Speaking of this, it may seem strange to everyone, because in our concept "cyberpunk" is usually equated with science fiction, you think of 4D fighters shuttling through dusty doomsday cities, neon and mecha everywhere, and all kinds of advanced places and weapons that only belong to the imagination... However, these are not the core of the story, nor are they the essence of cyberpunk.

The setting of this story is still in the future, but these loves and hatreds, joys, angers and sorrows are no different from you and me, so this story is still a "modern emotional book", please carefully experience and share it with your guests.

The second thing I want to explain to you in advance is the structure of this book. “Fantasy of the firmament” audio non-deductive version about 5H, deductive version according to the shop arrangement may be longer; secondly, because the whole is a semi-closed version, so all the story sharing order! Restore progress depends on DM self-control, so do not open blind !! ! Don't drive blind !! ! Don't drive blind !! And because DM plays the role of the core NPC in the story, the official chinchilla cutie detective must understand the story in detail and control the scene and the trolley under proper conditions! Because of this book's semi-closed and DM as the core NPC's particularity, the role of good control field can be greatly raised this book's upper limit and highlight DM personal arc. That's why it's important to control the field!

苍穹幻想剧本杀复盘答案获取方法:1.关注微信公众号【龙猫萌探】,2.回复正确剧本名【 苍穹幻想】,即可获取复盘链接地址。下面为人物复盘答案剧透相关简介:

The firmament fantasy script slayback access

This Ben's DM role is divided into "super brain" and "Xiaofu" two roles ("Xiaofu" is "Captain Sirius"), the best configuration is double DM, one person plays super brain (electronic sound, one command and one action, highlighting the world view and process settings) one person plays Xiaofu (cute love puppy dog, juvenile voice, establish emotional links with everyone throughout the process, point to heal) In order to facilitate the flexible opening of the store, the two identities can also be divided by one person, we are equipped with dog ear props, in the state of one person, wearing [dog ears] is "Xiaofu." ", removing the ear is "super brain", and adding changes in voice and tone to achieve the effect of one person decorating two corners.Because "Xiaofu" is the NPC of the core tandem story, DM please try to bring in characters for field control and handrails (the key to pulling the ceiling!)

1. Play BGM beneath the mask

Give six pieces of fairy tale paper, let players read fairy tales, choose their favorite story, and ask the player to like the story, to refer to the player's personality and character fit, guide the player to choose a matching character (also to let the player know everyone's fairy tale through this link) . If the player chooses the match degree is low or DM understands the player, then specifies the release.

Note: when DM is“Captain Sirius”-LRB-captSiriusriusFukufuku) , the tone should be juvenile/girlish, innocent and cute, with a cute puppy dog character. Here's the background:

In 2325, human desire swallowed the breath of the earth, wildlife completely disappeared from the earth, and human beings became the only indigenous people of the earth, watching the earth alone, towards the apex of science and technology and economic prosperity.


The sky divides the world into an elite world“Above the clouds” and a lower world“Below the clouds”, and you are the lucky ones who are chosen to have the chance to live on the clouds! Please make every effort to pursue the life you want!

Okay, since you have to compete for the opportunity to go to the clouds, then you must be clear about who you are, let me see (after looking at the players present), you are all characters from fairy tales, and it seems a little strange? Why don't you also look at your own story and think about who you are?

Captain Sirius (DM): Everyone... Hello BOSS! I'm your Sky Wolf Captain! This Firmament Dream Contest is to let the official public account Totoro explore everyone to realize their dreams and go to the cloud to live a better life! Everyone must be ready to start a new life! Since they are teammates who want to go to the cloud together, let's get to know each other! Woof~

Maleficent: Together? Where did you come from as a naïve child? Stop deceiving people, how can the human species have credibility!

My name is Maleficent, and I am a sleeping witch, and I have been lied to and ignored, and I am still asleep, and I do not think there is any need for pretense, but I would like to go to the clouds myself, this time, i don't believe anyone's bullshit anymore!


I worked hard to raise and teach her strictly, but when she became a princess with a pair of crystal shoes and rhetoric, she immediately slandered me everywhere, obviously because she didn't understand her mother's stern love!

Firmament fantasy script killer extraction process

“Fantasy of the firmament” script to kill the complete recovery: password answer, reasoning process, organizer DM Manual, modus operandi, mechanism eggs, etc. , Hurry to Totoro cute detective script to kill to see it. We have prepared a complete inventory for you, including the process, rules, the murderer revealed, deductive theatre, story inventory, case reasoning and other related content. Each disk is different! If not clear can be consulted in advance online customer service inquiries.

Note: This article contains some spoilers, please do not read in advance, so as not to affect the game experience

In addition, our store [ public number: Totoro Cutie probe ] receives and restores manuscripts in bulk: the host manual (photo, electronic version, handwritten manuscript) . Those who have resources can consult the customer service of the online micro store (wechat Signal: JBS690) .