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Lol game, South Korean team public ridicule: MSI Lck No. 1, the Civil War team had to eat humble pie

2023-02-28 04:00:39

Although the South Korean 2 team won the match, the mocking language of "MSI LCK NO.1" sent by the public screen was really arrogant, but the domestic Huya team that lost the game could only swallow their anger and lie down and ridicule.

I'm Toot-toot's little assistant, and that's all for today, so if there's anything else you'd like to know, let me know in the comments section, or if you'd like to 2021 a little support for the League of Legends just after the LPL Spring season, the LOL competition between China and Korea, hosted by Huya, has officially kicked off. China and South Korea sent a total of 30 former professional players and technical hosts to participate in six teams for a 10-day competition. It goes without saying that the level of excitement in this competition is not only the confrontation between professional players, there is also the performance of the canyon stuntman.

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It was supposed to be a very relaxed and enjoyable event, but both sides fought hard to defend the honor of their divisions.Since it is a game, there are losses and wins, and in the first match of the "LOL China-Korea Confrontation" that just ended on April 21, the Huya anchor team unfortunately lost in the first game, and the unknown member of the Korean team openly typed a mocking text on the public screen: "MSI LCK NO.1."(Meaning: MSI mid-season, LCK is sure to win.))

Such ridicule is infuriating to LPL fans, but in the LOL china-korea duel, the Tiger Tooth team was not as strong as the South Korean team, and lost the game 2-0, this game played BA Brother put on a mask of pain, was directly sprayed by the bullet screen broadcast.

There's a good reason why the houndstooth team failed. Just look at the lineups:

Huya NBO Team: Brother Ba, Valentine's Day, Mint, Qin Yu, Sauce Dog;

Korea 2: Flame, Frozen, Pawn, CPTJack, destiny;


Although the Korean 2 won the match, the public screen was so arrogant as to send out the mocking words of“MSI LCK No. 1,” but the domestic team that lost the match also had to swallow their anger and lie down and let the mocking happen. However, this match between China and South Korea is not representative of the MSI team, they are just talking.

And the team representing the LPL this time is RNG. As a once strong team, now they have once again won the Silver Dragon Cup and are once again on the stage of the MSI mid-season championship. No matter it is RNG fans, even the entire LPL fans are incomparably hoping that RNG can once again stand on the award stage, holding the MSI championship trophy, casting LPL glory.


No matter how the Korean team taunts, I only hope that RNG can win the MSI championship again, which is not only the glory of RNG, but also the glory of the entire LPL.Expect that golden rain.


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