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Which of the eight most common thoughts do you belong to?

2023-02-28 04:00:19

No matter how many ways to determine a person is a talent, the essential of which is the thinking of the talent.

No matter how many ways to decide a person is a talent, one of them is essential to the thinking of talent. What are the eight most common thoughts you have?

Multi-disciplinary thinking

Everything is interconnected.For a specific problem, if only one way of thinking is used to analyze and think, only a narrow result will be obtained.

Second, model thinking

Model thinking is the ability to refine our knowledge points and the process of thinking in processing work into models.

3. Systems thinking

Focus on relationship analysis rather than element analysis. A thing always at the same time in two dimensions of the set, systematic thinking, is to recognize the relationship between the two dimensions.

From the system and elements, elements and elements, system and environment of the interaction between the interaction of comprehensive consideration. It has the characteristics of integrity, structure, three-dimensional, dynamic and comprehensive.

Fourth, leverage thinking

Many people like to use Archimedes' famous saying: "Give me a fulcrum and I can pry the earth!" to describe the leverage effect.All information, material and energy can be leveraged, such as real estate investment.

5. Thinking without emotion

That is, to cultivate a super-strong sense of self-worth, not to the external environment for transfer.

Critical thinking

Right and wrong, sometimes just different positions.When we look at something, we often do not see it first and then define it, but define it first and then see it.


Insight thinking

Psychology has a famous“Iceberg theory”, things presented to us, often only a small part, most often covered up.

Learn to develop insight into hidden worlds.Once we master this skill, we will achieve twice the result with half the effort in the process of learning.

8. Inertial thinking

Habitual thinking, people in the study of the problem, with a fixed pattern or thinking to think and analysis, so as to solve the problem of the tendency.

Inherent things are difficult to break, just as the so-called "do not break and do not stand", if you want to break through yourself, you must break the inherent and inertial thinking!

The idea determines the way out, and the pattern determines the outcome.What kind of thinking you are, what kind of life you live.