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"Venom 2" first wave of word-of-mouth unbanned, rave reviews, Marvel's popularity superhero giant heavy return to live up to expectations

2023-02-28 04:00:09

The release of Venom 2 has sparked a global fan frenzy, with venom and Edy's “Love Story”, Woody Harrelson and the performances of the most powerful villain, the match of super-combustion destiny and the amazing visual effects scene also received countless praise, more mysterious eggs ignited the entire network to look forward to, a big surprise waiting for the audience to go to the big screen to witness in person.

Andy Serkis with Tom Hardy

The superhero blockbuster "Venom 2" produced by Sony Pictures and adapted from Marvel Comics recently held its first screening in London, coinciding with the eve of his 44th birthday, Tom Hardy and director Andy Serkis attended the scene to interact passionately.At the same time, the film's global social media reputation was officially lifted, and the fancy praise of film critics and fans exploded.Marvel's popular hero Venom returns to be popular after 3 years, and its epic showdown with the strongest archenemy villain Kanech is known as "the must-see super-combustible screen battle of 2021".In addition, Venom's "love story" with Eddie and Woody Harrelson's superb performance have also received countless praises.The film will be released in North American theaters on October 1, so stay tuned for the big screen!

The London premiere of“Venom 2” garnered rave reviews Global word-of-mouth ban outside the brush screen hot discussion

The most anticipated sequel to the Marvel superhero movie "Venom 2" in 2021 recently held its first screening in London, director Andy Serkis and starring Tom Hardy made a surprise appearance, and the first audience of "Venom 2" around the world to interact passionately.At the same time, the film's global social media reputation was officially lifted, and film critics and fans gave unanimous praise.

Venom, Marvel's popular hero Venom, who returned after 3 years, is still very popular, and fans praise "Tom Hardy's deeply rooted performance, which makes the relationship between Eddie and Venom extremely moving."The film's visual effects and action scenes have been mentioned repeatedly, "super fast pace and exciting action scenes, blowing up the whole scene", "surpassing the first part, presenting an incredible screen visual effects experience".Some fans did not hesitate to praise "this is the craziest movie of 2021" and "one of the best and most burning comic book superhero masterpieces in history".In addition, the serial killer and evil symbiote Kanech, played by powerful movie star Woody Harrelson, also impressed the audience.Some viewers said that "Woody Harrelson's Cassady/Carnegie is the best villain of the year, which is screaming."The lifting of the ban on the first round of word-of-mouth in "Venom 2" instantly triggered heated discussions on the Internet, and the Marvel superhero giant ignited the expectations of fans around the world!

Marvel's popular Premier League sequel returns with a bang Mysterious Easter eggs ignite the expectations of the whole network

As a new sequel to the highest-grossing solo superhero movie in mainland film history, "Venom 2" has been highly anticipated by fans around the world since its official announcement and is regarded as one of the most anticipated superhero movie sequels in the post-epidemic era.This time, the lifting of the word-of-mouth ban of "Venom 2" has triggered a carnival among fans around the world, the "love story" of Venom and Eddie, Woody Harrelson's performance with the strongest villain Kanech are all impressive, the super burning fateful showdown battle and amazing visual effects scenes have also been praised countless times, and there are mysterious Easter eggs that ignite the expectations of the whole network, and heavy surprises are waiting for the audience to witness it on the big screen.

"Venom 2" is directed by "Hollywood motion capture first" Andy Serkis, Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and other original cast members reassembled, Woody Harrelson joined, Naomi Harris, Stephen Graham surprise participation, super cast lineup, visual effects production upgraded again, high-energy action scenes continuously! The film will be released in North American theaters on October 1, so stay tuned for the big screen!