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Mother-in-law is complaining about me every day, I realized that my mother these years is not easy, and therefore forgive my mother made a mistake: forgive, is reconciliation with life

2023-02-28 03:59:44

Because, in Cheng Xiaowen's heart, from the moment of“Killing” his father, that woman has not been her mother.

Sometimes, People's eyes to see the world, to see others, is not to see themselves.

Can See the faults of others, but can not see their own shortcomings.

Can See the greed of others, but can not see their own stinginess.

You can see the foolishness of others, but you can't see your own ignorance

So, life is to reflect more, more ask yourself.


Cheng Xiaowen no longer love her mother, from the age of 10 years.


All said that the daughter is the father's previous life lover, but Cheng Xiaowen feel that she is the father's“Three life three”. Otherwise, in that era, how can there be such a crazy daughter slave?

Before the age of three, his father's shoulders is Cheng Xiaowen's ride. Cheng Xiaowen grabbed his father's two big ears, shouting: “Fly Ah Fly Ah.”

Dad spread his legs and ran wildly, shouting happily: "Wen Wen has become a bird, Wen Wen has flown away."”


We often sigh: “A girl, how so rare?”

Dad said arrogantly: "You are not rare, it is because your girl is not as expensive as my family's gold."”

The only reason why the father, who has always been gentle, will lose his temper with his mother is also because his mother often loses track of time and makes his baby daughter hungry.

These years, the father under the gossip, under the pressure of his grandmother, refused to give birth to a second child, but also for fear that the second child will be separated from his father's love for Cheng Xiaowen.

Fatherly love, such as the road, winding long. A father's love is like a harbor, nourishing warmth.

Cheng Xiaowen thinks that's great!


However, Cheng Xiaowen never thought that her father's love road was so short.

One day during the summer vacation when I was 10 years old, my uncle came to tell me that my grandfather had suddenly fainted and was sent to the hospital.

At that time, the telephone was not popular, and my father could only let his uncle go back first, and after he found his mother who was playing mahjong, he rushed to the hospital immediately.

Perhaps everything is God's will, it is summer, that day even under the hail.

One moment it was a sunny afternoon, the next it was dark, like the end of the world. The storm, the hail of ping-pong ball, hit the window“Clang” sound, the whole house is crumbling.

Cheng Xiaowen scared curled up in the corner of the bed, begging his father to hurry back safely.

However, her favorite father will never come back.

Dad was hit by a flying object, and when the wind and rain stopped being found, he has no breath.

Until the burial, Cheng Xiaowen did not believe that her father was dead.She held her father's body firmly and did not let go, and everyone was afraid that they would miss the hour, so they had to use brute force to separate them.

Looking at the farther and farther father, Cheng Xiaowen crying, struggling, beating, biting, hysterical. Then his eyes went black and he didn't know anything.

When she woke up again, she only saw her father in the photo on the wall, so young and with such a warm smile.

However, Cheng Xiaowen's world, from now on no longer young, there is no warmth.


After my father left, my mother, who was originally "hip-hop", suffered the pain of losing her husband and turned white overnight.

However, she did not dare to cry because she was not qualified.

This is what Cheng Xiaowen said.

After his father left half a year, Cheng Xiaowen said a word to his mother: “Don't Cry! You Don't have the right.”

Yes, if it wasn't for looking for her, Dad wouldn't be in an accident, he wouldn't be dead.

Cheng Xiaowen even think, mother so good at gambling, incorrigible, if God must take away a person in their home, why not take mother?

Cheng Xiaowen hates God, and hates this culprit even more!

This idea has always accompanied Cheng Xiaowen after completing his studies, working, getting married and having children.

In those years, Cheng Xiaowen never called her "Ma" again.


After my father left, my mother quit gambling completely, she found a temporary job near the home to earn money to support the two of them, Cheng Xiaowen study.

In small places, the most important thing is the melon-eating masses.

Often the mother walks on the front foot, and someone mutters on the back foot:

"Look, it's this woman, addicted to gambling, who killed her husband.”

"I used to be gluttonous and lazy, but now that men are gone, they can only work part-time to earn some subsistence.So ah, people are cheap.”

Hearing these, Cheng Xiaowen in the mind times son is happy, is impossible to defend a few words for the mother.

She also secretly swore that she must be a hard-working person, she does not associate with her mother.

In addition, the mother and daughter get along with each other every day, and the most common is also silent mode.

Cheng Xiaowen ate, slept, went to school, and left school, never talking to his mother when she was air.


In a room full of her father's shadow, she felt she was letting him down if she was nice to the culprit.

She wanted to get out of here quickly, get out of this woman.


Five years later, Cheng Xiaowen with excellent results, admitted to the local key high school.

On the day he left home, Cheng Xiaowen took away the family photos when he was 10 years old.However, she tore off the corner of her mother.

In the three years of high school, except for winter and summer vacations, Cheng Xiaowen never went home.

During the New Year, relatives will also enlighten Cheng Xiaowen so that she can get closer to her mother.

Cheng Xiaowen turned a deaf ear, still go their own way.

Mother really miss her, will borrow to send clothes, food name, go to school to see her.

Each time, Cheng Xiaowen expressionless to take things, turned away.

After many times, the classmates thought that this woman was Cheng Xiaowen's stepmother.Cheng Xiaowen also did not give any explanation.

Because, in Cheng Xiaowen's heart, from the moment she "killed" her father, that woman was no longer her mother.


When filling in the volunteers, Cheng Xiaowen ignored his mother's pleas and applied to Southern University, more than 1,000 kilometers away.

She remembers tears in her mother's eyes as she carried her suitcase out the door.

Since Cheng Xiaowen does not allow her to cry, Cheng Xiaowen never saw her tears.

At that moment, Cheng Xiaowen inexplicably relented.

But when Yu Guang glanced at the father's photo on the wall, the slightest softness disappeared.

Four years of college, Cheng Xiaowen never go home. Mother called, she just lightly answer a sentence: “Study too busy.”

After graduating from college, she still did not go home, the reason is: “Too busy working.”.

Later, she fell in love, got married and had children on the grounds that she was“Too busy at home”.

Yes, the home she and her husband and daughter form is her home.The home without her father has long had nothing to do with her.



Sometimes, her husband Ye Yi will also propose to take the child back to see her grandmother.

Together for eight years, the number of times ye Yi saw his mother, one hand can not count.

Cheng Xiaowen's response is always: “No time, I have to work overtime.”“No time, the children have to go to school.”

These years, Cheng Xiaowen live like a hard three Niang, university to take a double degree, work everything first, just a few years to become the middle of the company.

She is used to beating chicken blood every day.Moreover, she took her daughter into the ditch as well.

The daughter one-year-old morning classes, three-year-old piano painting, four-year-old learning English dance, five-year-old learning programming...

The study materials are stacked and taller than anyone else.

Often after this class, she has to rush to the next class, and her daughter's little face is full of tiredness and often shouts tired.

To this end, the couple also had a dispute, mother-in-law also came forward to advise, the last is Cheng Xiaowen wins.


Once, my daughter had a low-grade fever and was reluctant to go to dance lessons.

Cheng Xiaowen didn't say a word, dragged her out.The daughter refused and cried.

The mother-in-law is distressed, stopped for a while, Cheng Xiaowen said with a dark face: “From the small spoiled, grew up how to do? With her father, the same as the mediocre?”

To this end, her mother-in-law ignored Cheng Xiaowen for several days.

Another time, Cheng Xiaowen unit overtime, let ye Yi send his daughter to learn programming. Halfway, she contacted the teacher, only to know that her daughter took leave.

Cheng Xiaowen Call Ye Yi, he said they went to the amusement park.

Cheng Xiaowen exploded, and catching the father and daughter at the gate of the amusement park was a reprimand.

Ye Yi said: "My daughter doesn't like programming, why do you have to force her?" ”

Cheng Xiaowen retorted: "She is a big fart child, know what to like or not?" That's what you're used to.I'd rather gamble than lose at the starting line.”

They had a big fight in front of the public, and the daughter cried in fright.

But in the end, Cheng Xiaowen still stuffed his daughter into the next class of the same level and made up for the missing class.

Cheng Xiaowen gambled on the money and energy she threw on her daughter, she will be rewarded every day, and her daughter will definitely become an outstanding person.

It wasn't until that incident that she understood that she was wrong.


After dinner that night, my daughter rubbed her eyes and said she was tired.

Ye Yi said: “Tired don't go dancing, back to bed.”

Cheng Xiaowen put a dance bag on his daughter and said, "I want to be lazy again."You have to learn new movements at night and you can't take time off.”

Ye Yi took open the bag and let his daughter rest.Cheng Xiaowen disagreed. The two quarreled.

The mother-in-law, who was in the kitchen, heard the sound and rushed to join her son's array.

Finally, the daughter compromised: “I'm not tired, I go dancing. You Don't quarrel.”

Cheng Xiaowen said, "Look, I know she's lazy, you still don't believe it."" expression.


Cheng Xiaowen did not have time to reach out, watching his daughter like a ball, rolled twenty steps, fell to the ground, motionless.

Cheng Xiaowen's heart, also stopped beating.


Dance school teachers called an ambulance, the daughter into the hospital, and informed Ye Yi.

All the way, Cheng Xiaowen tightly holding her daughter's small hand. It seemed that only by feeling her daughter's body temperature and pulse could she resist the horrors of the sky.

She will not bear the pain of losing a loved one again.

At the hospital, after a check-up, the doctor's diagnosis was:

"In the process of falling, it leads to intracranial hemorrhage, so coma occurs.Fortunately, the surgical indicators have not yet been reached, but when you can wake up, you have to observe.”

The doctor added: "What's going on with you parents?" Let the child fall from such a high place.”

The teacher of the dance school was afraid of responsibility, and busily explained: "Maybe I was too tired, so I stepped on it."In class today, she has been yawning.I asked her to go home and rest, and she said Mom would be angry.”


She threw herself in front of Cheng Xiaowen and beat and beat: "You killed my eldest granddaughter, I beat you to death, I beat you to death."”


If the pain on the body can make up for the pain in the heart, she is willing to be killed by her mother-in-law.


Three hours when his daughter was in a coma, Cheng Xiaowen seemed to have passed a century.

These three hours, Cheng Xiaowen not only to bear fear and regret ravaged, but also to suffer the abuse of mother-in-law and physical contact.

“You Motherless Jinx, you want to harm my old ye family, like you?”

"Divorce! You guys divorce me right away! Our old Ye family doesn't want you as the culprit.”


Later, Ye Yi really couldn't help it, so he coaxed his mother-in-law with good words and asked his friends to take her home to rest.

In the ward, Cheng Xiaowen holds her daughter's small hand and keeps saying: “I'm sorry, I'm sorry.”


Cheng Xiaowen wanted to cry, but she felt that she was not qualified to cry.

She said: "Mom is right, I killed my daughter, and I am the culprit.Let's divorce. ”

Ye Yi hugged her: "This is an accident, it's not your fault."You are a good mother to my daughter, a good wife to me, we cannot divorce, our family cannot be separated.”

Cheng Xiaowen cried, crying heartbreakingly.


Perhaps the daughter felt the love and call of her parents and finally woke up three hours later.

Five days later, the daughter was discharged from the hospital.

Cheng Xiaowen kept his daughter's favorite painting and piano lessons, and stopped everything else.

A month later, on the weekend, my daughter and her friends were flying kites in the park, and Cheng Xiaowen and Ye Yi were basking in the sun.

Cheng Xiaowen asked: "If my daughter really can't wake up, will you divorce me?" Will you be like your mother, scolding me every day? ”

Ye said:

“If that's the case, what's the point of divorcing you and beating and scolding you? You know you didn't do it on purpose, and you know it won't help. Why are you doing all this?”

"Having lost a loved one, why should you let your living relatives suffer again? The person I want to leave also hopes that his relatives can live happily.”


Yeah, maybe dad also wants her and mom to be able to live a happy life.

After all, she and her mother were two people he had loved deeply.

After all, Dad's death was an accident, and mom wasn't even“On purpose.”.

She always despised her mother's gambling habit, but wasn't she betting that “Her child will stand out” and that her rat race chicken doll was the right one?

She was forgiven by her husband and daughter, but she felt aggrieved because she was complained about by her mother-in-law for a month.

And the mother, by her own daughter, a full hate for twenty, twenty years of neglect, the mother's heart, how sad it should be?

Father's love is vast, but mother's love is not great? In the past twenty years, isn't my mother using her love to tolerate her?

But, mother's life, how many 20 years? How many more 20 years can she serve?


Home to find my mother, a good filial piety in my mother's knees.

Then take a family photo, the picture, there is her, husband, daughter, and mother.

Whole and complete!