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The simplest difference between true and false contractions, about to give birth to the mother-to-be do not worry

2023-02-28 03:59:39

In fact, for expectant mothers who have experienced it, it is still easy to judge whether the real or false contractions are.

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers will be particularly nervous, worried about giving birth suddenly, especially afraid of "unloading" in the mall or far from the hospital.And some pregnant mothers in labor, can not tell what the real contractions look like, the following by the small understanding, real contractions and contractions caused by the pain is specifically.

What are contractions?


How to distinguish real contractions?

False contraction of the feeling will vary according to each person's physical conditions, and so on, in general, when the false contraction, the stomach will have a tight stiff feeling, pain irregular, and so on.

(1) The whole stomach is tense and hard.

② 与来月经时的小腹疼痛一样,疼痛感因人而异。

(3) The pain is limited to the lower part of the uterus and stops after a few hours, which is irregular.

No signs of labor: not accompanied by uterine opening, cervical shortening, red and other symptoms.

True contractions "have rules and rules"

Regular contractions are the harbingers of labor. True contractions: there are the following characteristics: each contraction longer and longer; the interval between two contractions is shorter and shorter; each contraction more and more pain. True contraction of the strength and time can not rely on massage, walking to reduce, at the same time the cervix of the uterus will become thinner and gradually effectively expand.

What can pregnant mother do during contractions?

1. Pregnant women can learn to breathe and cope with contractions.

First: Lie flat, close your eyes, relax your mind, and breathe deeply through your nose.(Time of use: At the beginning of labor, the uterine opening is 3 cm)

Second: Relax your abdomen with deep breathing.(Use time: Miyakuchi open to 3-7 cm)

Third: After inhaling through the nose, hold your breath and then exhale long.(Use time: Gongguchi open to 7-10 cm)

2. Supplement physical strength, most pregnant mothers have to wait for several hours in the delivery room to open the full uterus opening to welcome the baby, and the physical strength is sufficient to have the spirit to fight pain and have the strength to deliver the baby.

In fact, the experience of the mother-to-be, true or false contractions is very easy to judge. But for a first-time mother-to-be, what she hasn't experienced is unknown. Mother-to-be to learn to distinguish between true and false contractions, and cooperation with doctors, using breathing exercises with contractions, you can successfully through the childbirth! I know a baby. I know you know a baby!