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Review the disappearance of depositors' deposits

2023-02-28 03:59:24


After the case was filed by the village bank, the final resolution of the case is what everyone is most concerned about. Let's take a look at the final resolution of the case in the past when bank deposits disappeared:

Case Number One: the mysterious disappearance of a deposit.

In 2013, Hangzhou Union Bank reported the case to the local J Party because 42 depositors had lost more than 95 million yuan in deposits.According to the investigation, these deposits were transferred to Qiu's account, and these depositors did not know Qiu at all.And these deposits were transferred away as early as the time they were deposited in the bank.

Qiu first with a bank staff in the name of the bank, forged the seal of the bank's guarantee, to the depositors promised to give 13% discount deposit. When the depositor went to the designated window to deposit money, the bank staff took the chance that the depositor was not paying attention and asked the depositor to enter the password several times in the name of printing a statement. However, in fact, the staff opened the money transfer interface, waiting for the depositor to enter the password, this deposit has been transferred to Qiu's account.

After the depositor's funds have been transferred, he then proposes to sign a six-non-agreement with the depositor, that is, after a one-year term, the agreement that the deposit can not be withdrawn in advance, can not be inquired about, does not open an internet bank, etc. , and then issue a deposit certificate to the depositor, but the deposit certificate turned out to be false.

With the same operation, Qiu and other groups in a number of banks have also carried out similar operations, Qiu to pull 3% of the funds as a benefit fee to win over the bank employees. But did not expect to involve more and more funds, and because Qiu has taken most of the money to plug the debt hole, leading to the east window.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, depositors in six banks encountered such situations, involving more than 500 million yuan.

After that, the police arrested the nine suspects involved in the case,

In November 2015, Qiu, the main culprit of this financial fraud case, was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated personal property for fraud.

Case 2: Bank Flight Ticket Incident.

In 2012, a woman named Jiao, whose $3.2 million deposit was due, invested in a wealth management product at the recommendation of her wealth manager. The contract stated that the income would be 11 percent in the first year and 12 percent in the second year.

But a year after the payment period, the wealth management products can not come up with interest payments, but also involves a number of banks, many investors. The investigation found that a private-equity firm helped them find clients through bank wealth managers and paid them 3% of their total investment.

However, it was found that the fund company did not have the qualifications to raise funds and issue loans, but illegally raised 600 million yuan, involving more than 200 investors.So Zhong, the actual controller of this company, was sentenced to 8 years in prison and fined 500,000 yuan in 2016 for the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits.

Ms. Jiao, the investor, also filed a lawsuit in court, demanding that the bank return the principal and pay the relevant interest losses. The court finally ruled that both parties were at fault,

Case 3: Fraud through third-party platforms.

In 2016, a woman named Li was introduced by her friend Wei to apply for a debit card and deposit 10 million yuan into a bank. Four months later, she needed money urgently and went to the bank to withdraw it. However, she found that there was no money in her account. After checking with the bank staff, she learned that someone forged her authorization letter of entrustment to transfer funds, and transferred 200 funds to a company's account intensively within five days through a third-party transfer platform, ms. Lee sued the bank.

After the investigation, MS. Li and Wei had agreed to deposit 10 million into the bank, she paid 620,000 high interest. Unexpectedly, it turned out that I wanted interest from you, but you wanted the principal from me. In fact, this Wei was the intermediary in this fraud case. The gang defrauded many bank victims by promising high interest rates. After obtaining personal information from customers, then transfer the victim's deposit through the third-party payment platform, the amount involved exceeds 100 million.

In this case, the court ruled in the second instance that because Ms. Li and the bank did form a savings contract, the bank did not fulfill its obligation to safeguard the depositors' funds, at the same time, Ms. Li also neglected risk prevention because of the temptation of high interest rates, and both sides are at fault,

At the same time, the suspect in this fraud case was also arrested in 2017 on suspicion of fraud, in addition to the sentence,

In real life, the above-mentioned cases are searched in a large number on the internet. Basically, one or two cases appear every year, and they all involve some non-sunshine deposits. The solutions for each case are also quite similar, basically, all the parties involved bear corresponding responsibilities. Those who are in jail will be in jail, and those who lose money will lose money. The victims who have taken advantage of the high interest rate will also have to give up the high interest rate. For example, if they encounter a bank in case 1, in order to appease the depositors directly to make up the shortfall, and then slowly find the parties involved in compensation, is a very conscientious bank.

In the village and town banks involved this time, the bank has unshirkable responsibility, and from the previous cases, all the institutions and personnel involved will bear the corresponding compensation liability.