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Don't be a mother, because it's so happy...

2023-02-28 03:59:19

When they left, Erbao was in my arms and fell asleep again, I was so tired, from her afternoon nap to this time, she was held by me for almost three hours in her twenties, seeing that she fell asleep, I wanted to put her on the bed, but I didn't expect that just put it on the bed, she opened her eyes, I quickly patted her back with my hand, hoping to let her fall asleep again, but it didn't meet expectations

This afternoon (December 7) was very tiring. It was because er bao started crying when he woke up from his NAP. This had happened occasionally in the past, but it would usually pass quickly. But this time it was different. I'd woken up at 2:30 in the afternoon and hadn't been in a good mood, sometimes crying. Ken wouldn't go down, so I basically held her until Taihō got home from school a little after 4:00, i thought she would be better to see her sister, because she particularly like her sister, but things did not turn out as I expected. Her state still did not improve, no matter how my sister teases her, the effect is still not good, and then fell asleep in my arms. I think I'll be all right when I wake up.

Forty minutes later, I heard her crying again in the living room, and I hurried into the bedroom, when my sister had already stepped up to her before me, and we worked together to coax her, although she stopped crying, but obviously felt that she was not in a good state.Usually, whether it is waking up in the morning or waking up from a nap, I have basically not encountered this situation.No way, I continued to hold and chat with her...

After five o'clock, Dad came back from work, thinking that she could take a break, but in fact, at the moment, she had no interest in her father, no matter how her father teased her, she looked like she didn't answer.

At dinner, she had changed her usual style. She had a good appetite for every meal, but at this moment, she was not very interested in the dinner on the table. After eating a little, she requested to get off the dining chair.

Taihō needs to be at her teacher's for her saxophone class at 7:00 p.m. . I was supposed to take Taihō, but now I'm stuck at home with Niho and Taihō's dad.

When they left, Niho was asleep in my arms again, I was so tired, I had held her for almost three hours since she woke up from her NAP, she was over 20 pounds, I wanted to put her to bed, unexpectedly, as soon as I put her on the bed, she opened her eyes. I quickly patted her back gently with my hand, hoping that this would make her fall asleep again. However, it did not achieve the desired effect, but neither did I cry anymore, just lie still.

After about ten minutes, I couldn't hold it in any longer. I started talking to her and attracted her again with the things she was interested in. Unexpectedly, she soon became interested. We made her favorite slide game on the bed and spoke Chinese and English picture books to her, playing the game of poetry to children's songs together, she returned to her usual state, and more and more excited, as if to make up for the afternoon“Wasted” time back.

I was surprised to find that she could write as many poems with me as 10: “Thinking in the quiet night”, “Spring dawn”, “Chanting geese”, “Walking on the yellow sand road at night”, “Plum blossom”, “Pitying farmers”, “Climbing stork bird tower”, “Yearning”, “Wandering son singing”, “Chanting in the mountain village”... Can also and I on the“Three-word classic” the beginning of a part; children's songs can also be a lot of...

When you're talking about the book, because you've told her about it so many times, she'll be able to pick up a sentence when you read the first part of the book, like, “I Smell A...” She answered: “Fishy Smell”;

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I said, "And lemon's...", and she answered: "fragrant";

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I said, "I see colorful ...", and she answered: "flowers";

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When she was preparing to speak English picture book, she just held it, and when she saw it, she said directly: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?" Although it is not very clear, if you listen carefully, you can fully understand it.

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I pointed to a picture of a purple cat, and she said, “Purple cat, purple cat.”.

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Looking at a page with a lot of pictures of children, she said: “Children, children” and so on.

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We were having a good time, and my dad and sister came back, and they were so happy that Niho was doing well that they joined us. When I told them about er bao, they were skeptical at first. It wasn't that they didn't believe what I said, but Niho had made too much progress, but soon they were playing with Niho, making sure everything I said was true.

Now Erbao is not only super imitative, but also she learns what you say in minutes, she can basically express what she wants to say in words, and sometimes even reach barrier-free communication with you.Language development is indeed early enough for a one-year-old, seven-month-old baby.

Since she would play and read the classics of Chinese Studies to her every day, she found that she would read a few sentences from time to time, sometimes incomplete, just like the second half of a sentence, just like those poems, children's songs, and English have never been deliberately taught to her, but if she listens more, she will.

More than a little baby at home, although there are many more trivial things in life, but also added a special number of happy! The relationship between Miss Taihō and Miss Niho was so good that I was touched. Sometimes er bao would make trouble for Taihō. When I inadvertently mentioned er bao, Taihō would be very unhappy. Looking at the warm picture of them together, my Heart is full of happiness.

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Taihō was very excited about having er bao, but after the excitement, Taihō began to resist, she didn't like the fact that her parents, who loved her the most, were giving most of their attention to a“New” baby. Actually, this is not a child's problem, mainly as parents we ignored her feelings, although aware of the existence of the problem, but because of the limited energy, we did not do very well, fortunately, the child is very sensible, quickly understand all this, and unconditionally accepted the reality of life.


Every child

We are good enough for the children to choose us as their parents.


Indeed, since the mother, especially the second mother, my growth has changed a lot, these are not intentional, everything is so naturally!

I remember reading this paragraph: