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snowball fight

2023-02-28 03:58:59

In a hurry to wash, breakfast, my brother and sisters rushed into the snow, shouting, playing...

Spring festival fun

Chen Yongcheng

Class 75, this year's Spring Festival, my parents and I went back to Grandpa's hometown in the Countryside New Year. There are uncles, aunts, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, the whole family reunion, happy. Although the weather is cold, but warm affection.

On the morning of the second day of the first lunar month, I woke up stretching my waist and looking out the cold window, only to see something like cotton wool floating outside the window.Keep your eyes peeled: Ah, it's snowing! I thought: How fun it would be if I could have snowball fights and build snowmen with my brothers and sisters! I quickly got up and shouted as I got dressed: It's snowing, it's snowing... The goose-feathered snow seemed to be falling heavier, and after a while, the wet ground turned white.

In a hurry to wash, breakfast, my brother and sisters rushed into the snow, shouting, playing...

In the beginning, my partners and I built our own snowmen.Round 1: I built a small snowman the size of a badminton, but Big Brother built a big snowman, and I lost.The second round, the third round..., I was faster than my brother and I won.Looking at the snowmen on the ground, large and small, with different shapes, a pile in the east and a pile in the west, we are very happy.

I do not know which small partner shouted: “We have a snowball fight.”“Good wow,” the partner's unanimous answer.

It's time for snowball fights, brothers in a group, my sisters and I in a group.I saw that the eldest brother was preparing the snow ball and was throwing it at us, and I hurriedly flashed, and the snow ball "snapped" and hit the wall.While my brothers were watching how the snowballs on the wall were sticking, I quickly rolled a snowball and threw it at them, and before they could react, a big brother's clothes were wet with my snowballs, and I laughed.Then they threw the snowball at my mouth, and with another "pop", the snow ball burrowed into my mouth, making me scream.The brothers laughed and demonstrated: "You guys lost, do you dare to come again?" ”

They were about to roll a big snowball again, and when I saw it, I rolled it casually and threw it over.Unexpectedly, just on the head of the big brother whose clothes were wet by me just now, the snowball actually slipped into his neck, and the sweater was also wet, so cold that he couldn't make a sound "oh, oh".Seeing this, another little brother hurriedly said: "Don't play, don't play, we admit defeat."”

After this interesting snowball fight, let me know no matter what time can not lightly make fun of others, otherwise the consequences worse than others.