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Famous Italian designer Aldo Cibic: Design aesthetics in everyday life

2023-02-28 03:58:54



Aldo Cibic, founder of Cibicworkshop and professor emeritus at Tongji University, said in his speech: "Everything has its own properties, and design should be discovered rather than changed.Professor Aldo Cibic cited the application of natural beauty in interior design, such as the texture of wood is natural and simple, bringing people different visual and psychological feelings, and the texture and grain of wood form a kind of beauty.The color of the material can reflect the beauty of nature in the interior, the ambient color has always been our recognized natural color, due to the long time in the natural environment color, people gradually formed a psychological awareness of color and symbolic emotional understanding.In the indoor color environment, due to the color effects of wood, plastic, metal, latex paint, glass, etc., it gives people an unpretentious feeling, but without losing the beautiful ingredients, they can reflect the true feeling of returning to the basics and returning to the embrace of nature.


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