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Born and nurtured

2023-02-28 03:58:24

To put it in a very incisive sentence: people who have not given birth do not mean that they will not educate children, and those who have given birth do not mean that they will educate children.

On the weekend, I climbed the mountain with my girlfriends and discussed the education of my children.

And there's a great quote:


For such a family, I find it difficult to give children a good living environment and learning environment.Moreover, my cousin and younger siblings are not highly educated, and their jobs are not very stable, which is really worrying about the education of their children.Even if they live with children and give birth to 2 children, will they definitely be educated? The answer is no.

We also discuss the issue of parental awareness of education. Many times, some parents in the education of their children, there is no awareness of this, so how to talk about education?

We all talk about teaching by example, but many parents just can't do it. Play their own mobile phone to play, and then teach children not to play, such words pale, counterproductive.

I have a cousin, when he was young, a heart in the study, aunt or he does any housework. As a result, I didn't know how to do laundry in high school. When washing clothes, the gesture is also upturned orchid finger, bashful pinch, slowly wash. You can wash a pair of socks for 10 minutes. There's nothing you can do about it!

In short, born and bred. If you decide to have children, then at least think about how you can be a good parent, even if you can't provide the best for your child materially, but you can provide the best possible environment for him to grow up and learn, so after the children grow up, will also know more filial piety parents.

If there is no such preparation and concept of the couple, then I think it is better to have children later, and so on mature some, more parents of the responsibility, and then raise a child.