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Win10 installs sourcetree and skips registration (the higher version skips the registration commit code and crashes; download version 2.0 is recommended)

2023-02-28 03:58:09

1. Download:

Sourcetree download:

Skip registration:

Close sourcetree

Create a new json file, name: accounts.json, enter the following content, and put this json file in the sourcetree directory (address bar input: %LocalAppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree\):



"$id": "1",

"$type": "SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity.Model.IdentityAccount, SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity",

"IsDefault": false,

"Authenticate": true,

"HostInstance": {

"$id": "2",

"$type": "SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountInstance, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount",

"Host": {

"$id": "3",

"$type": "SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountHost, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount",

"Id": "atlassian account"


"BaseUrl": ""


"Credentials": {

"$id": "4",

"$type": "SourceTree.Api.Account.Basic.BasicAuthCredentials, SourceTree.Api.Account.Basic",

"Username": "",

"Email": null,

"AvatarURL": null,

"AuthenticationScheme": {

"$type": "SourceTree.Api.Account.Basic.BasicAuthAuthenticationScheme, SourceTree.Api.Account.Basic",

"Value": "username/password",

"Name": "Basic",

"Description": "Password",

"HeaderValuePrefix": "Basic",

"UsernameIsRequired": true


"Id": "",

"EmailHash": null,

"DisplayName": null




"$ref": "1"



After that, you re-open sourcetree and go straight to the next step, no registration required.