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How to log out of Pinduoduo Pinduoduo logout login method【Steps】

2023-02-28 03:57:39

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Pinduoduo Doddo used to have only an app. It could only download the Pinduoduo app on a mobile phone and then register an account to buy things. But now Pinduoduo has launched a web-based version that allows users to log in to Pinduoduo Doddo from a computer. How do you log out of Pinduoduo?

1. How to log out on Pinduoduo?

1. Enter the personal center, enter the Pinduoduo home page interface, and then select the lower right of the personal center.

2. Go to settings, go to settings in the personal center and click enter.

3. Select the exit option, scroll down to the bottom of the exit login button, in the pop-up interface to select the direct exit.

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What are the ways to play Pinduoduo?

Sign in for cash. This activity can only be joined once a day, when you can, after checking in to share to wechat group or friend circle and then return to Pinduoduo, generally a 0.15 yuan income.

2. Receive red envelopes regularly. This activity can be participated in every 4 hours, the method is basically the same as check-in, calculated according to 4 times a day, there is more than 0.6 yuan.

1 and 2 of the two activities, you receive red envelopes are in an account, in the Pinduoduo home page can see. Here the red envelope, full of 10 yuan you can cash, but 10 cash can only be used for shopping, for example, you buy 15 Yuan of things, you only pay 5 yuan. You Don't have to pay a penny for something that costs 9 yuan, and you don't get a refund for the extra 1 yuan.

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3. Make money while shopping. This activity should be clicked through a special link, an account can order 4 products a day, each product has a red envelope, 4 red envelopes are generally about 0.3 yuan.After entering through the link, there are many products, choose any 1, and then open it with Pinduoduo's APP (I have several mobile phones that do not need to be opened with the APP), after opening, even if you don't look at it, return it directly, and the red envelope will arrive immediately.Look at 4 products in 2 minutes.This activity does not need to be shared in WeChat groups or moments.The red envelope received by the event is in a separate account, and can be directly withdrawn to the WeChat wallet after reaching 5 yuan.

In general, the web version of Pinduoduo can click on the avatar in the upper right corner, and then click Exit Current Account.The web version of Pinduoduo currently requires a mobile phone number login to access.

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