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snowball fight

2023-02-28 03:57:29


In winter, everyone will definitely get together for snowball fights, right? My good friend and I came to my house for a snowball fight.You may be curious, how to have a snowball fight at home, you should not know, my house also has a big roof, every time it snows, there will be thick snow on it.

The rules of our snowball fights are different this time, and we usually get together and throw snowballs even if we have snowball fights.However, the rule of our snowball fight today is that as long as you are hit by a snowball thrown by someone else, you can no longer participate in this round even if you eliminate this round.

On the day we agreed, my friends came to my house as promised.We went up to the rooftop together, and when I announced the start, everyone hurriedly took the snowball and hid in a place.


The rest of us stayed put until we went down to dinner and came back up. Then the real scuffle began. And I lived to the end with Chen Ziyan, and the next thing was a real battle. I knew that Chen Ziyan did not have much experience in snowball fights, so I started to be reckless and went over to the snowball to catch it, and then flew towards Chen Ziyan, in the end, I became the champion with honor

After this game, I learned that there are some things that require patience, and you can't go on a rampage at the beginning, otherwise you won't be able to do it well.