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Life Design Toolbox – Learn life design from famous architects

2023-02-28 03:56:59

Source: Giant Toolbox-Life Design Toolbox [Core Concept Interpretation] Six design tools: 1. Have the ideal and goal of changing the world 2 The principle of "producing works" 3. "Originality" design thinking 4. "Extreme paranoia, pursuit of perfection" attitude 5 Master the latest scientific and technological methods.


Source: giant toolbox-life design toolkit

【Interpretation of core concepts】

Six design tools:

First, have the ideal and goal of changing the world

2. The principle of "producing works"

Three“Originality” of the design thinking

“Extreme paranoia, the pursuit of perfection” attitude

The method of grasping the latest science and technology.

VI. A long-term attitude

Personal experience

Can life be designed? In fact, I don't particularly understand, it may be better to change to adult life planning.

The course was co-authored by a landscape architect named Zacha. Al-sekka Al-Hadid has studied her successful life and distilled six design tools. Because it is not used immediately, or partial concept level, refined six successful concept is no problem. And the author published four books, I worship, not much to say.

Putting all this aside, have you ever thought about how life should be designed and planned? Well, I have been going through more than 30 years, in other words, how should I help my child plan?

Well, I haven't really thought about it. Just Know to study when it's time to study, to work when it's time to work, and to have a good rest when it's time to rest.

What kind of work to engage in depends on the Clover model of career development: ability, interests and market needs.At the same time, we must live ourselves as a company, be able to produce works, have a steady stream of business, and create value for the society.

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