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What should children pay attention to when they have a cold

2023-02-28 03:56:54


Cold is also called acute upper respiratory tract infection, commonly known as“Cold”, is the most common childhood disease. So what should children cold notice on diet? During the cold attention to the following dietary taboos, can let the child's cold symptoms faster recovery OH.

What should children pay attention to when they have a cold

First, after the child has a cold, it is best not to eat sweets, because after eating sweets, not conducive to the resolution of inflammation in the body. After the child catches a cold, had better also not give the child to eat has the sour taste food, because the sour taste food after eating, is disadvantageous in the Body Phlegm's eduction.




Fifth, after the child has a cold, try to eat light, easy to digest food, such as porridge, rice soup, noodle soup. During a cold, drink more plain water, because drinking more plain water can dilute the toxins in the body, and after a cold, especially when accompanied by fever, due to sweating and other reasons, will lead to a reduction in body fluids, so, after a cold, drink plenty of water to recover from the illness.

Sixth, after a cold, eating fresh vegetables in moderation is conducive to the recovery of colds.Because fresh vegetables are rich in vitamin C, such as spinach, leeks, and Chinese cabbage are rich in vitamin C, vitamin C has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of colds.