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221004 Why does humanistic thinking belong to causal and simultaneous thinking? Why is the difference between people and people in association?

2023-02-28 03:56:49

When we talked about "tasks" in the last lesson, the second item mentioned the concept of "unreasonable", and from this led to "psychology, reason, reasonableness", psychology and reason are the opposite, reason talks about "logic" - because of what so what, this is the scientific thinking of the material world; Psychology has no logic, just like emotions, perceptions, memories, etc. cross time and space, whether in the state of consciousness or the unconscious state, it


Hello students, seeing the questions you asked twice yesterday, I felt the urgency of pursuing "solving doubts and doubts", and praised your spirit of inquiry [strong].

Like you, I am a junior student and have had a similar and eager experience, so I can talk to you about your questions to provide a reference.

1. Why does "humanistic thinking belong to causal and simultaneous thinking"?

1)“Cause and effect” corresponds to“Cause and effect”, “Simultaneous” corresponds to“Sequence”, cause and effect and sequence are logical, but cause and at the same time are not.

When we talked about“Tasks” last time, item two mentioned the concept of“Irrationality”, which leads to the concept of“Psychology, reason, Rationality”, which is the reverse of psychology and rationality, logically speaking, “Logic”-the scientific thinking of the material world means that something is what it is because of what it is, and psychology has no logic, just like emotions, perception, memory, and so on, transcending time and space, whether in the state of consciousness or in the state of unconsciousness, they can appear at the same time can also appear alternately can also appear disorder, this is the spiritual (human) world of thinking; and reasonable, that is, in the material world to reason (cause and effect, successively) in the human world to talk about psychology (cause and effect, at the same time) , otherwise there will be“Unreasonable.”.

2) Effect, which means that at the psychological level "not a real phenomenon leads to the present result", we "find" a reason for it according to the present result, which is postscript, and this reason may or may not be in line with the facts, does not have the nature of "right or wrong", and is "reasonable".For example, if a bear child next to us grows up to be worthless, we say "because" he has been mixed up since childhood, and if he grows up with outstanding achievements, we say "because" has been different since childhood.This is "causality", not "causation".

2. Why is it association and imagination to widen the distance between people, rather than feeling and perception?

Sensation is a physiological (chemical) process, which is a sensory organ receiving stimulation to produce biological signals, and perception is a psychological process that recognizes and assigns meaning to biological signals and thus enters consciousness.

Lenovo Associates and mobilizes the information it receives with the information it stores in its conscious or subconscious mind. Imagination creates by association and mobilisation.

In terms of feeling, there is little difference between people, after all, it is mainly based on physiological functions, such as "seeing" and "hearing", there is no problem with the visual organs, we can all see the red willow green, hear the aftersounds around the beam.Perception is the recognition of sensations, but everyone's perception is very different.

Lenovo, on the other hand, is qualitatively different, involving individual “Memory”, the inventory of the natural can be linked to the more horizontal, vertical, inter-connected, inventory of small even can not be connected, think can not think, this step after a big difference, how much can be created based on this imagination? It's hard to make bricks without straw!

We often say that "good-looking skins are the same, interesting souls pick one in a million", you might as well borrow it, "a good feeling is the same, fun associations pick one in a million".

The above reference ideas are not necessarily scientific, it is to communicate and add a little holiday joy!