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Internationally renowned designer Liang Jianguo | MAX Design π Forum was first launched in Changzhou

2023-02-28 03:56:39

Max Design π-opus Young Designers Summit Forum, explore the infinite possibilities of design.


By the hand of the designer,

Let "things" last for a long time with a value that transcends itself.

The designs we see today,


It is also an integral part of the long river of change,

It gives people different experiences in different roles of“Result” and“Process”.

Why is MAX designed π?

The design of diversity and freedom, so that it has a“Mystery” of the General Magic.

Greek letter π, infinite non-looping,

So far, there is no calculation method to calculate the last digit.

It's as unknown as design.

Design π-“Design of infinite possibilities.”

MAX series 2.0, a breakthrough in the vertical field of OPP,

Upgrade the traditional size to "1.2m×2.4m",

Give the space a more premium texture.

MAX Design π—Opu Young Designers Summit Forum,

Explore the infinite possibilities of design.

OPP cooperates with internationally famous designers,

Liang Jianguo met with Changzhou,

Together with outstanding young designers,

Talking about the artistic life in the south of the Yangtze River.

OPP integrated ceiling MAX series

In the past, gypsum ceilings were used in the top space, which had pain points such as long construction period, single surface technology, and easy mold, and Oppoop integrated ceiling MAX series solved the major pain points of traditional gypsum ceilings in one stop.

Break the magic of the traditional kitchen and bathroom integrated ceiling lattice, through innovative product technology, the use of honeycomb aluminum plate, in addition to giving enough design space, there are also supporting lighting, heating appliances, in the form of linear functional belts, perfect integration with style, restore realistic colors, so that design thinking is no longer limited by a single color and shape, so that your home has one more possibility, one more color.

Opu integrated wall Yang series

Young series is a strategic product center of Aopu through in-depth study of contemporary people's lifestyle, breaking through the inherent mode of urban living, and showing people a relaxed and fashionable home environment with innovative passion.The team adheres to the original intention of "designing for love", communicates with top masters at home and abroad, breaks away from the designer's existing framework, attaches importance to the connection between space art atmosphere and people, and creates a comfortable and comfortable space newism.

Destylized, borderless

Young series integrated metope uses flat layer and irregular patchwork shape, this kind of desensitization design, more inclusive, make the home not stick to style, also not only style.

Light luxurious decorative lines

Decorative metal inserts in bronze outline a sophisticated, pure world of space through simple lines.It seems to be an inadvertent embellishment, but it easily creates a light luxury and a sense of quality in the home environment.

On April 16, Opu-jun and Liang Jianguo,

At the Oppo Changzhou flagship store,

Waiting for you to design life together!

The address is here:


OOP smart integrated home store