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It doesn't have to be Xuanzang on the white horse. It could be the prince

2023-02-28 03:56:24

Rich people are keeping a low profile. You Can't really tell what they do at first glance.

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Because of the particularity of the work, from time to time there will be various overt and covert visits.Fortunately, knowing that the inspection team was coming, he prepared early and waited for the inspection.I'm afraid of undercover visits, because there are always some people who like to be opportunistic, and then when they are unlucky, they will receive a ticket for unannounced visits.If the inspection team encounters more, they will sum up their own experience, and they must be careful about what kind of people they meet.

A few days ago, an old employee met a person who was dressed more than ordinary people, thinking that he was an ordinary traveler, so he relaxed his vigilance, acted at will, and did some things that should not be done during his work.Unexpectedly, all this was seen by this "ordinary person".Finally, this old employee said that when I saw him, he was really too ordinary, and I didn't even think that he would be the leader or the inspection.But now what is the use of saying so much, if you do something wrong, you always have to be punished for something.

Some time ago, a gray-haired old man on the second-class seat of the high-speed rail was on fire.The old gentleman was barefoot, wearing old shoes, sitting in the second class, concentrating on his work.Finally, I learned that the 78-year-old man is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping.After netizens posted on Weibo, it attracted countless likes from netizens, shouting: See the sweeping monk again!

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Now that rich people are getting more and more low-key, you can't really tell at a glance what he does.

People with rich money no longer hang money on their bodies, and the big gold chain around their necks, ten fingers with six or seven gold rings, after all, it is not unreasonable that wealth does not leak.Many of the clothes they wear are also ordinary brands, and they also eat food stalls, which may not show off their wealth, but it cannot deny how much they are worth, but what they pursue is not just material and monetary enjoyment.

The mentally rich are less likely to pursue this kind of life, as long as the mental appetite can fill their own brain, many other external conditions, we can be discretionary.

Many people before, in order to satisfy their own desires, cared about the comments of others, could not be their true selves, and always did what others hoped for.Everyone is being asked to do this and not to do that.

Over time, some people have learned how to discard those heavy burdens and become themselves again.Maybe the people around you will be disappointed, but so what, life is this time, your own life can not be the master, then what is the point.

Confucius once said, “A threesome must have a teacher.”! Now people, do not know where to find the self-confidence, whether there is no capital, capital enough qualification, always can be proud of some in front of others. Boasting to the point, then will be more brazen; do not boast to the point, will find all kinds of excuses for their own, but do not have the heart to admit that he is better than me.

However, no matter what stage they reached, those who were truly capable still had the heart to ask, because he knew that there were mountains beyond the mountains and people outside the mountains. He still had to make a lot of progress to work hard.

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It starts with appearance, trapped in talent, and finally character.It is because of talent, and finally it is character, and appearance is just the beginning.

Your appearance determines whether you can be together, and your insides determine how long you can be together. What determines how long you stay together is on the inside, and appearance is just the beginning.

But many people only value the beginning and ignore the future.But whether it is life or work, what we want is not just the beginning, but also the fruitful fruit in the long run.

It is said that it is not necessarily the prince who rides the white horse, but Xuanzang. Why not turn it around and think that Xuanzang may not be riding the white horse, but the prince.