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My aunt is a woman who dares to break the spell

2023-02-28 03:56:14

Grandma's nagging will attract Grandpa's rude rebuke: “She does not guard the family can what, her aunts, aunts are not all that life!”!

Few of the girls married in Liujia Hutong had a good life, and this was a rumor circulating in Changcun Street in the fifties and sixties.

"Changcun Street is three miles long, and if you lose a child, you can't find your mother."Whether Changcun Street is three miles long is unknown, anyway, this old village is quite large and densely populated.

This village has two surnames, one is the surname Zhang, which accounts for 90% of the village's population; Although the other surname is also the surname Liu, there is only one hutong population in this village, and the hutong is still a curved alley, which is not smooth.I heard the old people say that our Liu family is probably an old man from the top five generations who settled in this village from other places, so it has only developed to one hutong person.That's how much you spend and less is not bad.

Son is male, flower is female, those years do not have a family planning random birth, every family gave birth to four or five, five or six, are more sons and less daughters. Although the daughter is small, but also not much precious, because I do not know from which generation of great-aunt began, the fate of the girls in Liu's hutonger is like a curse: either young and middle-aged lost a husband, or living in poverty. In a word: both poor and poor, Liu Hutong girls no good life.

From as long as I can remember, there is an aunt in my third grandfather's family who is middle-aged and widowed and widowed in her sixties; My second grandfather's family has an aunt who is widowed in her fifties; And my great-grandfather's family has an aunt who is widowed in her forties; My fourth grandfather's family has an aunt who is frail and sick all year round.

Is it chance or is it a curse? So Liu's hutongs are not willing to have a daughter! All said is the ancestral tomb of Liu hutong feng shui problem, Ziwang flowers are not prosperous!

I was eight years old, cousin six years old that year, one day early in the morning someone knocked on the door, said it was Houwang village, Grandma said it was your Aunt Village, open the door, this early in the morning what emergency? The man who opened the gate kowtowed to my grandmother, saying that it was from Houwang village, (our local custom, who died, will send a special person to relatives to send a letter to call the funeral, is the etiquette) said that your family master did not. My grandmother fainted at once. I also followed the wailing said to look for uncle.


The young uncle was Youth by his friends, and he was thrown into a ditch by a roaring motorbike. His favorite motorbike had ruined him. Aunt 30 years old before the happy days have come to an abrupt end!

My aunt is under a curse too!

My aunt was thirty. After the uncle's funeral, Grandma sent a message to let her stay at her mother's house for some time, but aunt did not come. After a while, my grandmother was worried and took me with her to visit my aunt and cousin. That day, my aunt had just come back from the fields. I saw her taking off her muddy shoes and brushing them non-stop. The yard in the house was also cleaned up by her, neat and tidy. Not at all, as my grandmother would have liked to say at home, “Do you cry all day long, do you have unkempt hair and unkempt face? Do you not eat, drink, Do you sleep all night?” Not at all, my aunt is just quieter and less talkative than ever! Instead, she comforted my grandmother not to worry about her. Aunt said Niu her father left, but I have Niu Niu, I want to live a good life, can not let people see a joke, can not let Niu Niu suffer with me. Grandma took her aunt's hand and cried, “Life! This is the life of the daughter of the Liu Family!” She didn't want her aunt to be angry, so she threw her grandmother's hand away and said, “Don't live like this anymore, I don't believe in this evil!”! Grandma also had to quietly sigh tears.

Grandma worries about her aunt all day long, saying that your aunt can do it? He is still so young, he can't keep his family for a lifetime! Grandma's nagging will attract grandpa's rough reprimand: "How can she still do if she doesn't guard that house, and her aunts and aunts don't all live their whole lives like that!" If she dares to make a moth, don't blame me for not letting her go to her mother's door!" "My grandfather was a conservative and stubborn old man.Grandma scolded him for being a stubborn donkey, not knowing that he felt sorry for his girl.

Probably because my aunt knew that her mother's home was not a good haven.That year, my aunt didn't bring her cousin to live until the autumn harvest.At night, I squeezed a bed with them and listened to my aunt and grandmother talk about themselves.The aunt said that the grain in the field was all collected, and it was done with the help of the girl's grandmother, and they said that the aunt was still young, and she would not stop if she wanted to take another step, and if she didn't want to go, she would help her and her mother to live.Grandma said what are your plans? My aunt said that I was going to go out to work, to go outside, and I couldn't stay in this small village for the rest of my life and see no hope! Grandma said my little ancestor, don't you dare to go against the sky, do you see that all the men in and outside our village go out to run to make a living, which mother-in-law has lost her face? My aunt said that you are still this old thought! My man is gone, should I live a hard life at home? For the sake of the chick, I also have to fight it! In ancient times, women were not happy to go to the battlefield, so didn't Mulan also fight a Jiang Jundang?

At that time, although I was seven or eight years old, but my aunt's words made my little heart feel an unprecedented impact, it turned out that women can also go to the world, it turned out that Mulan in the play sang who said that women are inferior to men is an example that can be learned.

In fact, at that time, it was not unusual for male and female farmers to go out to work, but our place was still relatively closed, and it was all men who broke into the world and women who farmed at home to watch their babies.


The aunt naturally did not succumb to her grandfather's family prestige, arranged everything in the house, first entrusted her cousin Niu to her in-laws to take care of, and then went to the provincial capital alone, and her aunt first worked in a restaurant.The aunt worked neatly and diligently, and won the weight of the hostess, and later asked her aunt to be responsible for the procurement of the back kitchen.Because she lived in the restaurant, her aunt's salary was also a small amount, so she rented a small house near the school the following year and took her cousin to the city to study.With her cousin by her side, her aunt was full of energy, and later took over a fruit stall next to the school, and her aunt ran the fruit stall prosperously, because the fruit was fresh and the price was fair, and the parents who picked up and dropped off their children were willing to go to their aunt's stall to buy fruit, and the cousin went to the fruit stall after school, and when the business was busy, she could also help the handle, and she hurried to write homework when she was not busy, and there was a small shed next to the fruit stall that could cook with an induction cooker.In that way, under the aunt's orderly arrangement, although the two women lived a nervous and busy life, they could rely on each other and have a good taste.

My aunt's fruit stall worked for six years until my cousin graduated from elementary school and went to middle school.My aunt set up a breakfast shop on the street where my cousin went to middle school.The cousin is also very motivated, excellent in her studies, lively and cheerful under the guidance of her aunt, and does not at all tell that she is a child from a single-parent family who came from the countryside.

When my aunt first took over the breakfast restaurant, the business was cold, because the order was single, there was no new breakthrough, and I wanted to sublease and close the store several times.But my aunt didn't admit defeat, she couldn't afford to lose, and she was unwilling to lose tens of thousands of yuan of investment, which was the hard-earned money she and her daughter had saved by selling fruits.

My aunt found that although this shop is close to the school, there are not many students who come to eat here, there are several shops like her, all fritters and pancakes are nothing new, and the children have no nutrition for a long time, even her daughter does not let her come to the store every day to eat fried food, and she has to open a small stove for her to make nutritious porridge.Right! Make nutritious porridge, my aunt's brain is open, say and do, read books and check recipes on the Internet, boil and study the ingredients of porridge every day, and finally God pays off, after more than half a month of screening and cooking, the aunt's store has newly launched several nutritious porridge with good taste, which is not only very popular with the student group, but also suitable for all ages, and nearby residents are also willing to come to the breakfast restaurant to drink a bowl of soft and sticky porridge.

Slowly, the business of the breakfast shop became more and more prosperous, and my aunt became busier and more tired, how my aunt needed a solid arm to rely on! Over the years, my aunt has almost closed her desire for good feelings.Grit your teeth and live hard with your daughter.But my aunt is also a weak woman! That day my aunt finally collapsed.

The breakfast restaurant has to go to the fire to boil porridge at 4 a.m. every day, and the aunt has high blood pressure because of these years of fatigue, and she did not take medicine on time, that day the aunt got up early to go to the store as usual, and suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated, and fainted in front of the breakfast restaurant.My aunt's life hung in the balance in the cold early hours of the morning.Coincidentally, a warm man fell from the sky and sent his aunt to the hospital in time for treatment, so that her aunt recovered after several days of treatment.In the few days in the hospital, the man enthusiastically ran before and after to take care of him, so that the people in the same ward thought that it was my aunt's husband! Later, the aunt quietly asked the man what was the situation, and the man said that he happened to pass by the breakfast restaurant after the night shift that day, and he came to the rescue when he encountered his aunt.He said that he often passed by his aunt's breakfast shop on and off the night shift, and recognized his aunt, the beautiful hostess, and the aunt smiled bitterly and said that where there is still beautiful, they have become hypertensive patients! The man said he was tired! It turned out that the man was also widowed and single, his wife died of cancer two years ago, he read his wife's voice, did not want to be with the lone lamp, so he often worked night shifts to keep himself busy and relieve loneliness.

When happiness knocks at the door, no one can stop it. My aunt and that man were very much in love. After getting to know each other for more than a year, the man proposed to my aunt, but my aunt was still hesitating because there was a shadow in my aunt's heart, is“Liu hutonger girl no good life,” the curse is still imprisoned aunt's heart, happiness within reach, but no courage to take that step.

Is that man with his warm palm, tightly holding aunt's hand and said: We are all experienced life and death, what is there to be afraid of? If there is such a thing as a curse, I would love to break it with you! Even if you gamble with your life, what can you do! Even if I have you for one day, I will be happy for the rest of my life!

What other sea oath mountain alliance in the world can withstand their half-way marriage that they desperately want to be happy!

Up to now, aunt and uncle accompanied for ten years, years quiet good!

My cousin was later admitted to university with excellent grades, and after graduation, she stayed in the provincial city to work, and my aunt also took my cousin's grandmother to take care of her, and the aunt said that her mother-in-law was sadder than anyone to lose her son in her later years, but she was still reasonable to help her, and her aunt said that to be a person, you must know Entu.

It was Grandma's 80th birthday this year, and her uncle and his family naturally went there gladly. The traces of time did not leave many traces on her 46-year-old aunt's face. Her skin was fair and her face was gentle, and she always had a calm smile on her face. All the aunts and uncles from the neighborhood came to talk to her. They all praised her for her good fortune.

In the evening, I huddled in bed with my aunt and grandmother and listened to their thoughtful conversations.

This scene, like a tunnel through time, aunt said that although these 16 years have gone through a lot of difficulties, but she firmly believe that God will always favor the hard-working and kind-hearted people, even if there was the magic curse of the past, also can not be frightened to lie down, a lifetime by the void of magic spell imprison dare not move half a step. We have to fight! Grandma mumbles in her sleep, alas... I pity your great-aunts!


Postscript: in recent years, the magic words about Liu's hutonger have long been forgotten by the young generation in Changcun Street. The girls of several hutongs in the Liu family have been admitted to universities and graduate schools, i have also tried to enter the university, and now settled in the city of happiness.

In fact, my aunt and I have discussed the fate of those great-grandmothers who were under the spell. In those years, rural feudal superstition, in fact, no matter which village, which surname married girl, there were accidents or illness or death of the family changes, but our Liu family name is concentrated in this one alley, who had an accident as if a girl had to say, so to pass on false to evil. In the 1940s and 1950s, the aunts were uneducated and had to spend their whole lives under the spell of the spell.

Pray that time will never turn back! May the girls in Liujia Hutong have a happy and happy life!