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IVY Reading Card "Personal Branding 7 Lessons" 08 Personal Branding Third Lesson Positioning Thinking - Create your own personal label

2023-02-28 03:55:29

Nowadays, many people also ask the author, how to find a skill, position yourself, quickly and effectively build your own personal brand? The author replied: "Please forget about personal branding, think of yourself as a college student, and honestly start learning" because professional skills require a long accumulation and are difficult to achieve quickly.

08 Personal Branding Lesson 3 Positional Thinking - Create your own personal label

Hello everyone, I Am Ivy who loves to challenge self-growth. I am taking part in the 9th period of Tuka. This time, my selected book is Akiba's 7 lessons on personal brand. What do you know about personal brand? This is especially important in today's self-media age.

Does everyone have to make a personal brand? The author's answer is: "Not everyone needs to do it", what is the reason? Establishing due awareness is a prerequisite, what is the awareness of personal branding? It's a highly irregular job, it's an output that needs to be kept productive, it's a matter of enduring psychological, emotionally intelligent, and long-term tepid torture.And whether you want to do it or not, it's up to you.

Many people also ask the author how to find a skill to position himself to build his personal brand quickly and effectively? The author replies: “Please forget personal brand, when their own college students, honestly open the road to learning” because professional skills need a long time to accumulate, it is difficult to quickly. Start with a small goal and work your way up to a big one (if you want to develop a personal brand) .

And if you want to do a personal brand, you must understand that the label effect, that is, the key to making people remember you quickly, how to make people remember you quickly? Combine your stage name (screen name), plus your own ability, and when you think of a unique shiny label, be sure to register, and finally spread it in the mainstream media to make a deep impression on you.

The three units of this class made me reap, personal brand is to survive, personal brand is a kind of deep cultivation of skills, personal brand is a kind of self-label, personal brand is like a moving castle, go there, everyone can remember you.

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