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Share what you can do part-time on your phone

2023-02-28 03:55:04

Work content 1. Greet the user through text on the platform, and then interact with the user through text, voice, video, etc., chat to enliven the atmosphere, pure green, you can temporarily not do it when you are busy at work, use the mobile phone to return the information after work, you can easily have an income, mainly after work and weekends and holidays 2. Official platform recruitment! There is no need to pay any fees

What part-time jobs can you do on your sharing phone? Now many office workers will find a side job in the time off work, not only can pass the free time, but also earn more money to subsidize the family, at present, the side business to run takeaway, Didi car most office workers side hustles of the first choice, but there are always some people must find a side job that can be done at home, such as using mobile phones and computers to easily complete the best way to earn money.

Although mobile phone money is not easy to do now, there are few money-making software now, basically not new, most of them are some old platforms, including websites, many website traffic is not as good as before, including our pocket money site, this half a year is equivalent to a big wave of sand, the rest are lucky, but also a proof of strength!

These days, I saw some friends ask if there is any software that can make 100 Yuan a day by making money on mobile phones. I sent some platforms with more tasks, and their answers were too little and not suitable. This is a very common situation, i simply let him go to find their own suitable, not these software to earn less money, but now people have no concept of money, always feel a day not to earn hundreds of thousands are not ok! Little did he know that his normal monthly salary was only around 3,000 to 5,000. If the mobile money-making software could easily earn hundreds to thousands of a day, then many people would probably quit their jobs to do it, so don't let your delusions affect your brain!

There is a WeChat QR code below, you can scan the code to understand


Job content

1. Greet users through text on the platform, and then interact with users through text, voice, video, etc., chat active atmosphere, pure green, when you are busy at work, you can temporarily not do it, use your mobile phone to return information after work, you can easily have an income, mainly after work and weekend and holiday work

2. Official platform recruitment! There are no fees, no commission deducted, and professional one-on-one training and guidance are provided.3. It is mainly online at night, and it is also possible to be free during the day.


1. No basic salary system, text 0.1 yuan, voice and video chat 2-3 yuan per minute.As long as there is a chat, there is income, more work and more reward, the longer the chat, the more you earn, - 300-2000 days is not a problem, and there is also a commission for receiving gifts

2 salary self-pickup, Alipay.

Job requirements

1. Women only, over 22 years old, no beauty talent requirements 2: patience will chat with good voice is preferred

3. Baby mother, students, office workers can have time, very free time, can also be at home full-time 4. No base salary system, more work, can be long-term stability

5. There is basic training and regular training, teach according to the situation 6. Easy to learn, just have a mobile phone, no investment 7. Impatient, or pigeon party Please do not sign up.

The boys could not do the chat, but they could do the tasks. I recommend two platforms for doing the tasks. Everyone can choose according to their own needs. It is also free. There is no cost. You can do it directly, cash directly.