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History of Training - Historical Trajectory for Trainers (II)

2023-02-28 03:54:55

As mentioned earlier, the germ of capitalism appeared in the Song Dynasty, and after the Yuan Dynasty, in the Ming Dynasty, this bud thrived under the influence of the commodity economy, leading to the vigorous development of handicrafts and science and technology education, and the emergence of a group of historically famous "miscellaneous scientists".

The last book said that Kublai Khan, who had attacked Xiangyang for a long time on the basis of the Mongol Empire established by Genghis Khan Genghis Khan, took a detour to the south-west of Kingdom of Dali and annihilated Dali, then attacked from behind the Song dynasty, then the Song dynasty perished. After the establishment of the Yuan dynasty, in order to consolidate the status of their own nation, the first thing is to establish a“Four-class system.”.

元朝等级制度森严,提倡蒙古至上主义,还十分维护蒙古文化与蒙古贵族的特权, 但对其他民族的文化倒没有过分排斥,也算兼收并用,一视同仁,统治者在教育方面所涉及的范围比较广,甚至还有以前教育从未涉足的边疆和军队驻地等地方,这是元代教育的创新,是其他朝代所没有的。

The rulers of the Yuan Dynasty also understood that it would not work to be the boss on the territory of the Han people and hum the "most dazzling national style" every day, so they inherited the "imperial examination system" of the previous dynasty in the process of Sinicization.However, due to the existence of the "four-class system", darkness and unfairness were everywhere in the imperial examination process, and many official positions in the Yuan Dynasty were hereditary to Mongolian nobles, which made many Han literati at that time have no way to enter.As a result, the Han literati began to shift their enthusiasm for Confucian cultural inheritance to ordinary people.

It may be that those who grow up eating meat are not as smart as those who grow up eating grain, and the Dayuan dynasty is extremely developed from the ruler to the soldiers, but they are confused in governing the country.The various inequalities and political corruption that pervaded the society of the Yuan Dynasty led to various peasant uprisings, and other dynasties generally had peasant uprisings in the last hundred years, while the Yuan Dynasty experienced a total of 98 years, and was enveloped in various tense atmospheres from the first day of the founding of the dynasty, and this peasant uprising had a "most bullish beggar in history" appeared.

Zhu Baba, who came from a poor family, was well aware of the principle that“Reading changes one's destiny”. From the first day he became emperor, he personally spared no effort to promote education in the Ming dynasty, in order to increase the people's interest in learning, he wrote a criminal code-“Imperial letters” and announced the fate of the corrupt officials, in order to warn the people to obey the law.


As the largest and most powerful country in the world, China began to decline in the middle of Ming dynasty. I think the main reason is the policy of sea ban in Ming dynasty. Although there were three eunuchs who Openly repair the gallery roads, but sneak through the passage of Chencang seven voyages to the western ocean under the direction of the fourth emperor, and later, while sailing small sampans to open the Age of Discovery in various European countries, the ban continued into the First Opium War of the late Qing dynasty, when the history of the Qing dynasty was restored.

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