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I made homemade tofu. It's amazing. Can you bring me some rice?

2023-02-28 03:54:44

Yesterday morning, I sent that boy to school, tell him, “Mommy got a new skill to make home-cooked tofu. Yesterday when you weren't at home, Mommy made it once and Grandpa ate it all. When I get home at night, Mommy will make it for You Again!”!

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Yesterday morning, I sent the kid to school and said to him: "Mommy got a new skill to make homemade tofu, yesterday when you weren't at home, mom made it once, and grandpa ate it all; Come home in the evening and mom will do it for you again! ”

Come back from school in the afternoon, as usual, we focus on their own things, the kitchen has my fireworks, the living room has his attention (homework) , mother and son have reached a tacit understanding, this feeling is great, and happy!

In the kitchen, I was preparing the ingredients for the congee to be cooked and ready to cook. Usually, his homework was done before me, and his schoolbag was packed. Here's Amway with my new research on home-cooked tofu!

Qing Huan Xiyan shooting

Ingredients: 1. A piece of tofu


3. Light soy sauce, oil consumption, sugar, starch (according to the number of tofu, the amount of their own pinch)

Step1: tofu cut into one centimeter thick block, electric cake in the pan, put a little oil, into the tofu, until both sides fried until golden

Fried bean curd with electric cake pan

Put the fried tofu on a plate and set aside

Qinghuan shoot


Qing Huan Xiyan shooting

At the same time, add light soy sauce, sugar, salt, starch and a little water to a small bowl to thicken

(I forgot to take pictures here, make up your own brain, some people say: "Eaters, before cooking, will imagine the taste of food"!) )

Step3: Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot to heat, pour in the pre-hooked potato, wait to boil the sticky and add green onion and ginger (friends who like to eat spicy can put some green pepper or mix into spicy sauce), and then put tofu to collect the juice, and put some oil consumption before leaving the pot to freshen

Image from Jianshu App

Delicious home-cooked tofu out of the pot, as long as you love it, and willing to study in-depth study, everyone will be a chef

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