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The cold winter fought against the quilt

2023-02-28 03:54:24

The hardest part is getting out of bed, when the alarm clock starts going off over and over again until you have to get out of bed for the third time.

Memories of Hangzhou's winter

It was spent in the rainy season that lasted for more than a month,

It's not rain, it's going to be gray haze.

Wet and cold air drenching a cool mood and a piece of sun-dry long Johns.

The hardest part is getting out of bed,

When the alarm clock starts to ring over and over again,

Until the third time you have to get out of bed,

This is a moving and bed struggling drama.

You Do not end at this time the warmth of the quilt of infinite sincerity and love, only to stay a minute is a minute, very precious.

But the heart silently counts down to himself,

The time of parting finally comes,

The moment you bravely lift the covers,


Wrapped in a cotton coat, he stepped out the door.