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What CRM systems are available in China? Weige form, a software tool for senior sales managers

2023-02-28 03:53:39

2. Strengthen accountability CRM can view all customer data, all core customer information (name, address, etc.), their order history, any other third-party information, etc., as shown below, you can use the rich field types of the vig table to enter all the information of the customer, including phone, address, email..... Create Attachments and even insert into customers

Sales managers, do you want to use CRM to better manage your store and increase sales? Looking for a hilarious CRM tool to do the job?

I am the same, as a sales manager engaged in the automotive electronics industry in Shenzhen Nanshan, for many years in the operation of a small business, with the continuous increase of business scale, efficient CRM has become a headache for me, recently a peer recommended me to try a new CRM tool in 2020 - Veg table, really open the door to a new world, so in the attitude of sharing, let sales managers step on the CRM pit, this article I want to introduce how to use the CRM table to do CRM.

维格表可以实现一切业务数据化、一切数据业务化,项目管理、开店管理、新品上市、市场活动,人事管 理、资产管理、财务预算......所有的场景,均有可参考应用模板,让所有的工作一键入门,迅速参照行业成功案例,快速搭建起满足企业个性化管理需求的应用系统。

Why a wiggle table is used as a CRM


In all of these respects, not only does the WigChart surpass other areas, but its customizability quickly allows sales managers to create the right CRM for their business without having to adapt the business to the way existing CRM software products work.

Wigs are often used as CRM systems, so it's no surprise that task management systems and analysis tools are often used as such. So what are the benefits or advantages of using wigs to build a CRM system?

Benefits of the Vigtable CRM system

1. Fully understand the customer

A CRM system is a great tool for storing customer details and their purchase history.The more you know about your customers, the more sales managers can uniquely target their interests, resulting in more targeted products that lead to more sales.

You can use the CRM template of Vig Table, or you can custom-build a database to track customers.

2. Strengthen accountability


3. Better internal communication

A CRM is a great tool, and sales managers are better at communicating with customers and each other when everyone on the team has the same information, which also ensures that anyone in the business can take over customer relationships in one go.

The latest version of the Wig table has no limit on the number of people who can be invited to the station, which means that no matter the size of the sales manager team, members can collaborate on editing on one station, and it is convenient to receive task assignments in message notifications.

4. Save money

The initial cost and time to set up a CRM is an investment, but over time, the return on this investment can be amazing.

From better positioning and service, to new customers, to upselling/cross-selling of existing customers, all of these can boost revenue from sales, so it's great to have a CRM that can be set up as quickly as a vega table!

Then there are the details of the Wiggs table, such as filtering, grouping, and hiding. For some sales managers, identifying a hit product or best-selling supplier is important for the next step. Take this scenario:


Simply sort the product column in ascending or descending order to display the best/best-selling products, respectively.

Sales managers who read this article are likely to be tempted to use the CRM gadget for free by typing VIKA.CN into their browsers. For more information, visit the planet Vig