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Go on a spring outing with MINI and Airbnb will unlock new ways to play over the weekend

2023-02-28 03:53:29

This spring, Airbnb Airbnb and MINI teamed up to“Fight” the boredom of the weekend, inviting you to take a road trip to explore the spring fun around the city.

This spring, Airbnb and MINI have teamed up to "fight" the boredom of the weekend, inviting you to take a road trip to explore the spring fun around the city.Stay at a featured listing on Airbnb's select page between April 1 and May 15 for a chance to unlock hidden MINI and get a test drive, discover spring novelties around the city, and have a different weekend.

Regarding the collaboration between Airbnb and MINI brands, Peng Tao, President of Airbnb China, said: "Airbnb's vision is to create a world where home is everywhere, and we are committed to creating an end-to-end travel platform that can cover every aspect of travel.This time, the cooperation with MINI hopes that through the combination of accommodation and travel, travelers can experience more convenient and rich spring peripheral tours, and make weekends more fun.This spring, I hope that everyone can experience more new and happy times with family and friends in this way.”

Airbnb X MINI makes weekend trips even more enriching

For young couples, Disneyland in the suburbs of Shanghai is an ideal place to go. It's especially nice to live in an Airbnb country house next to Disney, sit in a designer's well-designed courtyard, drink scented tea, watch movies on a couch, and enjoy a beautiful view of the pool on a swing. As well as driving to a theme park, the next day you can drive to the nearby Moselian herb garden to see the lavender sea and experience an unrivalled romantic weekend.

If you want to avoid the flow of people to experience slow life, you can go to Hangzhou Lu County Shishe village to see. Open the windows of this Aibiying Panoramic Glass House, and all you can see is the new green of nature. In the open kitchen, you can cook with friends and family. After strolling through the lane of local buildings, you can also drive to the nearby Maling Ancient Road and linger on the hillside to enjoy the charming spring scenery.


In addition to enjoying the picturesque scenery of Gangnam, you should also experience a leisurely life in the warm spring.Live in the quiet and quiet Airbnb villa in the center of Chengdu to feel the idyllic fun, then drive to the nearby Du Fu Thatched Cottage to see the literati, or go to the wide and narrow alleys of Internet celebrities to taste hot and spicy food.The next day, after full tea and dinner, you can take a ride in the city and feel the gentleness of the spring breeze blowing the tender green weeping willows.

If tired of the Green Mountains and clear waters, the seaside city of blue sea and Blue Sky-shenzhen is a new choice. Spend a quiet weekend with your family at the Airbnb Villa, which won the award for the most beautiful home in China. Create together in the workshops and studio, or climb the Green Road to the top of the mountain to experience the beautiful scenery. The next day, I drove my family to the famous tourist spot of Binhai, and Mexa and Xiao, for a warm family time.

About Airbnb

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a global travel community that combines lodging, travel and human experiences to bring authentic local experiences to everyone. With the help of technology, Airbnb is people-oriented, helping millions of people around the world share their spare space in their homes, or share their passions and interests, also let everybody obtain some economic returns. From condos, villas, castles, treehouses to bed and breakfast, the Airbnb community platform offers travelers more than six million unique lodging options in more than 191 countries and territories. In addition, through experience activities, people can experience the unique, local characteristics provided by the local people, Feel the other side of the city. Open up your unique travel experience with a well-designed and easy-to-use Airbnb website and App.


A brief history of the Mini

1959年,苏伊士运河危机爆发导致汽油限量供应,“MINI之父”——Alec Issigonis爵士授命英国汽车公司设计一款小型汽车:“要创造性地利用尽量有限的空间,能够容纳4名乘员,确保完美的操控与低油耗”。于是,独一无二的Mini诞生了。而后几个年代,它衍生出众多经典车型,玩转赛道和乡村,征服皇室和平民,书写了一段极具传奇色彩的汽车时尚文化。

In 1994, the classic Mini joined the BMW Group with the Rover Group. In 2001, the Mini Phoenix Nirvana, officially renamed the Mini, BMW Group as one of the three independent car brands. In 2003, Mini brought original, personalized and go-kart-like driving passion to China. Over the past 16 years, the Mini family has grown. In the future, MINI will continue to Clueless in any market segment that its tentacles might explore.