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【Shark Brother】For entrepreneurs, the most difficult thing is actually micromanagement

2023-02-28 03:53:09

      Business management is not causal logic, he is more framework logic, not a move can be invincible in the world, is secondary, just like practicing martial arts, first step the basics, in learning tricks, and finally you have to understand the method.

[Three Views of Wisdom in Business Management]

Business management is like writing a novel, macro is like the theme of the novel, the meso is like the structure of the novel, the micro is like the detailed story of the novel, if a novel does not have twists and turns and bizarre details to move people, just a general framework, how can it resonate with readers.

At the same time, business management is more like painting, macro ability is like the composition and layout when you create, middle view is like the processing ability of scale structure, micro is like the details of the picture image processing, if a work only has a large composition and layout, the scale is good, too, but without the vivid details, it's a mediocre work or a work in progress at best.

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At present, many so-called masters preach sermons, talking about corporate strategy, capital operation and so on. There are a group of good students who are eager to study under them. They look like a mountain man who is studying the so-called noble etiquette attentively, little did they know that behind the heavy make-up, there was still a black grease that had not faded from the nails. Many managers had not even learned the most basic product research and development, marketing, and corporate governance well. Clearly only the primary school culture, but to learn what capital operation. The more companies listen, the worse they do.

There are some people with ulterior motives to point to the success of the study, capital operation, and other local problems in business management, selling miracle drugs, claiming to be able to learn the instant success, profits multiplied. The entrepreneurs under the stage is to find a lifeline is the devil, which reflects the overnight wealth, overnight fame in the heart. Finally let these so-called teachers get rich overnight. Became successful. What they are talking about may not even have experienced themselves, just mastered the“Public speaking”, they are really selling show.

The result is more listen to more confused, more listen to more anxious, more listen to more bad things. In the end, some even joined the ranks of master trainers directly. It's ironic. If you don't believe me, you can look around you and know it. Many who saw it were silent. Because they know the most enterprise management is a practical art, but also to combine their own specific circumstances to act. Don't manage the rabbit in the same way you manage the elephant.

The era of knowledge explosion has made many macro theories that were difficult for us to access before become accessible, on the contrary, the more macroscopic things are often easier to be quickly absorbed and learned through books, classrooms, and information.Learned. And for the micro level of things, especially the smallest problems in business operations, the more difficult it is to grasp.But it can only be touched by the boss of the party himself.

Now what the so-and-so successful person did today, the ordinary person synchronizes to know. So the more abstract the concept, the easier it is to spread now. The more concrete the tactics, the harder it is to come by. The macro-level of enterprise management, mostly based on the strategic height. The more and farther you think about strategy, the more abstract the problem becomes And it's not that the more abstract it is, the more difficult it is to understand. On the contrary, the more abstract it is, the easier it is to summarize it, the easier it is to turn it into a theory or a textbook, the easier it is to be accepted by the larger field.

Business operations are not based on cause and effect logic, they are based on frame logic. They are not invincible just because they know one move and one style. They are just like practicing martial arts. They are learning the basics of Ma Bu First, and they are learning skills and routines, finally, you have to understand the mind. Running a business that turns a profit is the result of a series of things you've done right. Profit is the Last Supper. So why are there so few truly profitable businesses, less than 20% , most of them on the brink of profit and loss.

As a decision-maker, the person who has a great impact on his decision-making or creativity is usually someone who reads an article, communicates with someone, or encounters an event, and is suddenly inspired, that led him to make important decisions.

The operator solves a practical problem, a little like a man meets a woman, this woman, whether he is satisfied, enough to replace his passion, he will in a few seconds, his“Courtship decisions” emerge from the smallest details of skin color, facial features, clothing, speech, and temperament, rather than using a theory to test whether the decision is correct or appropriate, let alone to test it first, to study the theory of love, then to practice it, then to restore passion.

The big difference between a general and a military expert is that a general is on the battlefield, and when a shell is about to fall, he has to make a decision very quickly. A military expert, who is in the lab most of the time, may take a week to come up with the best solution, and when these two results are presented to others, most people think the military expert is better, in fact, the most central difference is the lack of micro-environmental perception.

A truly assertive operator, if he cannot make a decisive decision, at this time, what rules or consult others, has clarified and proved his own shortcomings, no matter how macroscopic things can not really help him.

Therefore, the correct business logic should be“Micro, medium, macro” three levels. Master the micro-tactile to become a master, we choose each small, on what is it? It's micro-tactile, it's actually perceiving every tiny moment. Middle-level routines allow you to deal with problems quickly and methodically, but you can't become a master without the ability to perceive the micro. Because you can't become a master by following a routine. Macro-ability is the ability to fight a big battle, do the top master, macro-ability must be strong.

In the eyes of ordinary people, a cow is a cow, in the eyes of a professional, it is "a cow without a full eye", and what is seen is microscopic details.A word in the eyes of ordinary people, in the eyes of experts, it is a world, and the real difference is the ability to distinguish microscopic details.The three realms of Chinese, the first realm is "look at the mountain is the mountain, see who is the water", that is the layman does not understand the state, the second realm "see the mountain is not, it is the mountain, see the water is not water" that is the realm of the master; The third realm is "looking at the mountain or the mountain, water or water", the road is simple, the micro, meso, macro is clear in the heart, the realm of the master.

Only the macro without the micro to become a theoretical master, only the meso without the micro to become the middle-level, their own business when the boss, must have a micro-sense, this order is unable to jump, can only step by step over. You can compare yourself or evaluate others on these three levels.

An enterprise, like a ship, should first do the micro-details of things, first the steel plate welded firmly, sailors choose good, sufficient fuel, and then the medium-sized system, model, marketing, do a good job, finally, think about the big picture. Otherwise, the macro-call will only become Mirage-like Mirage, you will never reach the other side, either futile, or by the market devoured by the danger.

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