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Flower Basket Wish Chapter 3 Blue Ocean

2023-02-28 03:53:04

Qinhan Autonomous Driving Industrial Park is located in the Zhouling Emerging Industrial Park plate, just at the intersection of Qinhan New City, Airport New City and Xianyang Economic Development Zone, the industrial park has a planned area of about 7.5 square kilometers, focusing on the development of new energy vehicles, intelligent networked vehicles (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence (robot R&D and application), high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries, and strive to build new energy vehicles in the province

The output value will reach more than 200 billion in 2025! Xixian New Area released 10 industrial parks!

Real Estate fangjian, real estate fangjian 2022-08-2821:22 published in Shaanxi

When we judge the development potential of a city or a region, the most important criterion is industry.

After all, in addition to bringing GDP and tax revenue, industry can bring jobs and attract more people.Strategic emerging industries, in particular, are critical for a city to attract and retain talent.

No matter is once the university student graduates go straight to“The north goes to the Guangshen”, or“The peacock flies southeast”, in fact is so.

As an important area with the fastest development speed in Xi'an in recent years, carrying the important task of Xixian integration and the construction of Xi'an metropolitan area, Xixian New Area, a national-level new area, has attracted much attention from all walks of life in recent years.

Referring to the development of Xixian new area, many people will inevitably ask: what is the leading industry of Xixian New Area? What?

Because, what most people see is 882 square kilometers of Xixian new area with a forest of tower cranes and hot spots everywhere, and because of its large area, the industrial layout is scattered, it is not difficult to understand the industrial location of the region for ordinary citizens who do not understand Xixian new area.

And with the release of the 10 characteristic industrial parks in Xixian new area on August 26, the profile of the characteristic industries in Xixian new area began to surface, this is very important for the public to understand the industrial layout of Xixian new area.

According to the plan, Xixian New Area will focus on building three leading industrial chains of photovoltaic, hydrogen energy and intelligent networked vehicles, build 7 major industrial clusters of new energy, digital economy, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, airport economy, autonomous vehicles and general health, and cultivate N characteristic industries such as biomedicine, new materials, CNC machine tools, and modern finance.

The 10 characteristic industrial parks in Xixian New Area released this time will be evenly distributed in Fengdong New City, Fengxi New Town, Qinhan New City, Jinghe New City and Airport New City.

Fengdong New Town:

Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park, as a whole science and Technology Resources Reform Demonstration Park

As the closest from the main city of Xi'an, the strongest economic strength, the best foundation of the new city, Fengdong new city will be laid out 2 characteristic industrial parks, respectively for the FENGDONG Advanced Manufacturing Industry Park, Fengdong co-ordinating scientific and Technological Resources Reform Demonstration Park.

Fengdong Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park is located in the current Sanqiao area, with a planned area of 9 square kilometers, focusing on the development of advanced manufacturing, electronic information and other industries, and building a comprehensive advanced intelligent manufacturing industrial park and a scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing concentration area integrating headquarters, research and development, manufacturing and service.



At present, fengdong co-ordinating science and Technology Resources Reform Demonstration Park has space science and technology, ZTE deep blue science and technology industrial park, Xi'an North Test and research center, soft power, Western Life Science Park, Huayan testing, Xi'an regional medical testing center and other projects landed.

Fenxi New Town:

Artificial intelligence industrial park, digital economy industrial park

The biggest advantage of Fengxi New City is the scientific and educational resources, relying on the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Port, Fengxi New City is becoming a scientific and technological innovation highland in Shaanxi.From the beginning, Fengxi has been positioned to focus on the development of strategic emerging industries such as information technology, Internet of Things, new materials, and biomedicine, and Fengxi has also been promoted in accordance with this plan over the years.

Xixian New Area released the 10 major feature industrial park, Fenxi new city has 2 feature industrial park, which are FENXI artificial intelligence industrial park, Fenxi Digital Economy Industrial Park.

Fengxi artificial intelligence industrial park is located in the south of the intersection of Lianhuo Expressway and Xi'an Outer Ring Expressway, with a planned area of about 10 square kilometers, we will focus on developing industries such as hydrogen energy, intelligent networked automobiles, intelligent manufacturing, and high-end CNC machine tools. We will work hard to build Qin chuang-yuan's R & D and Application Innovation Demonstration Zone for artificial intelligence, production-city integration, two-chain integration, collaborative innovation, Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral and innovative industrial park.

This area is also the location of the current China Silk Road Science and Technology Innovation Valley A plate, Qin Chuangyuan Innovation Eco-City is also located here, the entire area is currently in the large-scale foundation, supporting construction stage, Fengxi artificial intelligence industrial park has settled in the industrial projects including Sany Xi'an Industrial Park, Sany Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and other projects landed, the area also reserved a large number of industrial land, does not rule out the follow-up industrial giant projects settled.

Fenxi Digital Economy Industrial Park is located in the Western Cloud Valley area, with a planned area of about 6 square kilometers, focusing on the development of digital economy, digital culture, intelligent terminals, etc. , we will work hard to build an innovation ecosystem and innovation demonstration zones for digital economy industries in new areas.

The development and construction of this area started relatively early, so the industrial atmosphere has gradually formed, and the "hard technology" town jointly built by Fengxi New City, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Machinery of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Science and Technology Innovation Star, a high-tech enterprise investment incubation institution, is located here, and a large number of enterprises have signed up for the park.In addition, the data centers of the three major operators of Mobile, Unicom and Telecom, Shaanxi Microsoft Innovation Center Co., Ltd., SenseTime, and Kuwa Robot Northwest Headquarters are located here.

In addition, Fengxi New City has also won the national cloud computing service innovation and development pilot demonstration and the national new industrialization (big data) industry demonstration base, which further lays the advantages of Fengxi New City in the development of digital economy.

New Town in Qin and Han dynasties:

Automatic Driving Industrial Park, Big Health Industrial Park

Qinhan New City is the first stop of Xi'an to develop north across the Wei River, cultural tourism, automobile industry, health industry is the leading industry in the key development of Qinhan New City in the past so many years, this time Qinhan New City has 2 industrial parks ranked among the top 10 characteristic industrial parks in Xixian New District, namely Qinhan Automatic Driving Industrial Park and Qinhan Health Industrial Park.

The Qin and Han autonomous driving industrial park is located in the zhouling new industrial park. It is located at the intersection of the Qin and Han New Town, the airport new town and the Xianyang Jingkai District. The planned area of the park is about 7.5 square kilometers, we will focus on developing new-energy vehicles, intelligent internet-connected vehicles (iot) , artificial intelligence (R & D and application of robots) , and high-end equipment manufacturing, and work to create new-energy vehicles industry chain clusters throughout the province, demonstration area for automatic driving scene application.

In fact, this area has already started the related layout of the automobile industry. The Baoneng New Energy Automobile Industry Park, which has already been put into production, is located here, in addition, the qin-han Auto Parts Industry Park, the previous planning of Evergrande new energy projects are also located here. However, compared with the status quo of high-tech Zone and economic development zone in the development of automobile industry, the qin-han autonomous driving industrial park still needs further efforts.

The Health Industry Park is located in the northern part of the Qin and Han New Town Plateau, with a planned area of about 13 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of life sciences, health industry, health services, new materials and other industries, to build a set of life sciences, health industry, health services as one of the health industry gathering new heights and Health China (health) industry pilot demonstration zone.

Great Health was one of the key industries of the new city during the Qin and Han dynasties in the past few years, in the Qin and Han dynasties, the health industrial park has been established in such projects as the Air Force Medical University, Xixian Hospital of Shaanxi Province (Xixian New Area People's Hospital of Shaanxi Province, a third-class hospital) , the Qin and Han Dynasties Health Science and Technology Industrial Park, the Qin and Han dynasties new city Yiling International Life Maintenance Center, and so on.

Jinghe New Town:

Double-carbon photovoltaic industrial park, two-chain Integration Demonstration Park


Longji, the world's largest solar technology company, has already announced a 10 billion yuan investment in Jing River New Town to develop and build the Jing River New City Longyi Green photovoltaic industrial park. This year, projects including 15 GW of high-efficiency single-crystal cells and 15 GW of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules have been launched in Jing River.

LONGi Green Energy Photovoltaic Industrial Park covers a total area of about 1,800 mu, with a total investment of more than 26 billion yuan, an annual output value of more than 51 billion yuan after all put into operation, an annual tax payment of 1.55 billion yuan, and about 8,700 jobs.After completion, it will become the world's largest monocrystalline photovoltaic cell production base.

When the Longji project is put into operation, it will attract more upstream and downstream industrial chain projects to settle here, thus forming the agglomeration effect of the photovoltaic industry.

Jinghe Two-chain Integration Demonstration Park, with a planned area of about 10 square kilometers, is located between Baomao Expressway and Yanxi Expressway, that is, the east of Jinghe Double Carbon Photovoltaic Industrial Park, focusing on the development of high-end intelligent equipment, new energy, new materials, hydrogen energy and other industries, and striving to build the innovation "origin" of national high-tech industries and forward-looking technology integration innovation highland.

In recent years, Jinghe New City has been very eye-catching in industrial development, attracting a large number of industrial projects such as LONGi, Skyworth, Western Superconductor, Qintong Power Transformer, Shaanxi Coal Research Institute and so on.With the advancement of time, after these industrial projects are completed and put into production, they will enter the value realization period!

Airport City:

Free Trade Blue Bay industrial park, air-facing economic industrial park

The biggest advantage and resource of the new airport is the “Air Gateway” and the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport of “One of China's eight regional hub airports”, an advantage unmatched by any other region. The airport economy will be sufficient, the airport new city potential is unlimited.

Among the 10 characteristic industrial parks in Xixian New District, the ones located in Airport New City are Free Trade Blue Bay Industrial Park and Airport Economic Industrial Park.

The airport free trade Blue Bay industrial park, with a planned area of about 4 square kilometers, will focus on the development of air-facing biomedicine, air-facing intelligent manufacturing and other industries. It will focus on creating a“New industry blue sea, New Enterprise Blue Bay,” Accelerate the construction of Qin Chuang Original linkong Science and Technology Innovation Pilot Zone.

The park is located on the west side of the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. The air-facing biopharmaceutical industry is one of the key industries of the airport new city, since 2022, the airport new city has issued the“Airport new city on accelerating the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry cluster policy measures”, 13 supporting policies covering the bio-pharmaceutical and health industry life cycle, up to 35 million yuan for a single award!

In July this year, Airport Venture Capital, as the lead investor, joined hands with the provincial investment platform Shaanxi Investment Capital and the Qikun Science and Technology Innovation Fund under the Provincial Venture Capital Guidance Fund Management Center to participate in the strategic investment of Meili Zhongcheng Project with more than 220 million yuan, and "investment banking thinking" to cultivate listed enterprises, which is of very important symbolic significance.

The airport-facing economic industrial park is planned to cover an area of about 11 square kilometers, focusing on the development of electronic information and aviation manufacturing industries, in line with the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the trend of industrial transformation, china will effectively undertake the transfer of air-facing industries, such as electronics and information, biomedicine, and aviation manufacturing, and promote the upgrading of air-facing industry foundation and modernization of industrial chains in new areas. Efforts will be made to build up an air-facing manufacturing zone with a carrying capacity of 10 billion yuan.

Linkong Economic Industrial Park is located in the northwest of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, where projects such as Zhongnan Hi-Tech Xi'an Airport Industrial Port, YTO Smart Supply Chain R&D and Air Cargo Distribution Center have been settled.

According to the official target of Xixian New Area: by 2025,3 leading industrial chains will form a basic chain, and 7 characteristic industrial clusters will initially form a cluster scale. The industrial concentration scale of the 10 characteristic industrial parks has been revealed, and the total output value of the parks has reached over 200 billion yuan!