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The worst royal palace in the Qing Dynasty: sold to the richest man in the United States at a low price, and only a pair of stone lions were removed

2023-02-28 03:52:59

Therefore, the old Beijing folk have always spread the saying that "the house of the Liwang Mansion, the wall of the Yuwang Mansion".

With a history of 3,000 years and 800 years, the capital of the Six Dynasties is dotted with royal mansions in addition to the Fujian Blue Forbidden City. Some have become tourist attractions, such as Prince Gong Mansion, while others have been torn down, such as Henan!

According to historians, the Qing Dynasty has been crowned with more than 100 kings in the past 300 years.According to the Qing Dynasty's canon system: Wang Ye only enjoyed knighthoods and no fiefs.And without the permission of the emperor, you can't even leave the capital without permission! Therefore, with the Forbidden City as the center, there are many royal palaces in the capital of the Qing Dynasty, and the Yu Royal Mansion is one of them.

The first Lord of the house of Henan was Dodo, the fifteen sons of the Nurhaci and brother of regent Dorgon. In history, duo duo was known for his bravery and fighting prowess. He made great contributions to Central Plain when the Qing army entered the territory. He was named one of the “Eight iron hat kings” and was praised by Qianlong as “The greatest war achievement of all the founding kings”.

In the early years of Shunzhi in the Qing dynasty, the Emperor built a 125-acre Henan Palace for Tudor to the east of the Forbidden City. The Imperial Palace of Henan is a short distance from the Forbidden City. As for whether this arrangement is for favor or surveillance? Future generations will never know.

As we all know, the ancient royal palace was a building complex second only to the royal palace.The Yu Royal Mansion is not only luxuriously cultivated, but also has slightly higher specifications than other royal palaces.For example, the courtyard wall of the Yu Royal Mansion is three feet higher than the other royal palaces! Therefore, the old Beijing folk have always spread the saying that "the house of the Liwang Mansion, the wall of the Yuwang Mansion".

Perhaps many people don't know: the king of the Qing Dynasty only had the right to use the royal palace, and did not have ownership! Once Wang Ye is punished and demoted, the emperor can take back the palace at any time! Therefore, it was not until the abdication of the Qing Emperor in 1912 that the royal palace really became private property, and the "nightmare" of the Yuwangfu also came!

After the fall of the Qing dynasty, the“Iron hat kings” were no longer in the limelight. In 1916, the descendants of Dodo, the Prince of Henan, were forced to make a living by their nearly 300-year-old, 13th-generation, 125-acre ancestral home, sold for $125,000 to Rockefeller, then the richest man in America and an oil magnate!


The pair of stone lions at the southern gate of the present Peking Union Medical College, three roads north of Dongdan, Beijing in Dongcheng District, Henan, is the only historical site of the Qing dynasty. Although behind the house of the King has long been demolished, but this pair of stone lions still“Stick to the post”! They witnessed the prosperity of the royal family, but also witnessed the decline of the royal family.

Interestingly, there was a popular rumor at that time: when the Americans demolished the Yu Royal Mansion, they dug up the gold and silver treasures hidden in the cellar of Prince Yu, and used this large amount of money to build Asian, even world-class Union Hospital! To this day, many old Beijingers still relish this legend, and even believe in it!

I think everything has to be viewed in two: although we lost a Qing royal palace, we got a top hospital in Asia.Today, Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Peking Union Medical College are still "medical benchmarks" at home and abroad.Since its establishment in 1921, the angels in white have saved countless people here.The royal palace has a price, and life is priceless; "Seon lost his horse, he knows that it is not a blessing"!

If Henan hadn't been sold, I thought, maybe it would be a ticket-selling tourist attraction like Prince Gong Mansion today? History has no ifs, what we should do is to remember history, not forget the ancestors, not to fail future generations. You tell me? Leave a comment!

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