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How many of Mom's favorite lies did you understand over the years?

2023-02-28 03:52:54

When you understand, I will no longer care about you; When you go to college, I won't care about you anymore; When you come out to work, I don't care about you anymore; When you get married, I won't care about you anymore; ...... However, every time he said this, no matter when it was, this mother who said that no matter how you are full of food and how you live, it will still be three apart

This Sunday is Mother's Day. How would you like to express your love for Your Mother?

Growing up, we read countless words about our mothers in books and on TV. In fact, no matter how described, she is the world, from beginning to end love you that person.

When I was young, I always felt that my mother was the best in the world, because she was not afraid of anything in front of you, could do anything, and cooked deliciously.

But do you know that she who has always been relied on by us was once a little girl who was afraid of the dark and could cry and could not do anything, and only later became a powerful and independent superwoman in front of you - mother.

I think it's because I have someone I want to love for the rest of my life.

Looking back, our mother's love for us seems to have been fed by her“Lies”.

These lies are so well disguised that they can not be detected if one is not careful.

01: “Mommy's not tired.”


When I was a child, I believe many people like me, think that this is just an ordinary job, every day cooking, washing, cleaning the house, but so.

But is it? When we grow up, to work hard for life, just know that mom every day just want to make this home better, do not ask for return, just hope you have a good, happy life.


We have long been accustomed to our mother sheltering us from the wind and rain, but we don't know that our mother is also an ordinary person.Human energy is limited.Mothers are not tired, but they are silently carrying things for their children to be tired.

02: "I don't care about you anymore"

Mother said the most words is: if you do not obey, I will no longer care about you.

When you understand, I will no longer care about you;

When you go to college, I won't care about you anymore;

When you come out to work, I no longer care about you;

When you get married, I won't care about you anymore;


However, every time he finished this sentence, no matter what time it was, this one said that no matter how our mother always worried about you, whether you were full or not, how your life was, she would still call him every once in a while... Cool down, rain, typhoon, work... ... nagging for half an hour about everything, reminding us of this and that.

In fact, in the eyes of my mother, we will always be children, and she is a woman who no matter how many times she says that she doesn't care about you, but she plans to worry about you for the rest of her life.

03: “Eat More, mom doesn't like this dish.”

When it came time to eat, my mother would cook a few dishes we like to eat, then my mother became a vegetarianism, never eat meat, chicken legs on the table, fish she would not eat.

We asked my mother why you didn't eat the food, and she always answered us cheerfully, "You guys eat more, I don't like this dish."You are very confused, why you don't like to eat so delicious, under your 100,000 whys, your mother dislikes to eat some prickly fish and meatless bones.

It wasn't until we grew up that we gradually understood that our mother always said that she didn't like to eat this dish, just to leave us something delicious.

04: "Mother is very good, don't worry about home"

The older you get, the less chance you have to go home.

Every time she chatted with her mother, she said: "If you have to take good care of yourself outside, you don't have to worry about home, your parents are very good at home."”

Sometimes I hear this sentence too much, and I may believe it myself.

In fact, they are always accustomed to duplicity, every time they say something light, pretend to be impatient, let us just take care of ourselves, eat and sleep well, but after the child leaves, silently sigh and wipe tears.


A previous picture of "Life is like an A4 paper" went viral on the Internet.

Let's say we live to be 75, and we only have 900 months to live. Draw a 30-by-30 grid on a piece of A4 paper. For every month you tick the box, your entire life is on a blank sheet of paper.

Think about the parents' life can also be left how many grid, we can accompany parents how many grid, how many days? If you really think about it, you will know that even if we meet twice a month, we can only be with them for a short period of twenty bars.


Every mother expresses love differently, but we seem to be able to see our own mother in every story about motherhood.

What they do best is they say things they don't mean, they don't love you, they don't express their feelings directly, they are always in their own way as a mother, a mother who loves you. As long as you're okay, she'll be okay!

Her world is small and only filled with you; Your world is big, but you often ignore it!

Learn to care more about my mother, let my mother no longer a person to shoulder all the responsibilities and grievances.

Finally, this Mother's Day, may all moms have a Happy Mother's Day!


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