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Why do an ERP software-open source software birth 7

2023-02-28 03:52:39

Second, flexible implementation add fields (1-to-1,1-to-many)“Red dragon” a loud name my open source product is called “Red Dragon (role-playing fiction) Erp”, which some people might find a little strange.

Beyond technology-part 7

Log the birth of“Open source” software

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Why choose ERP

What is ERP? A search on the Internet to explain numerous, I concluded that is: the management of the enterprise operations of all the resources, and from business to financial information flow of the complete.

When it comes to information systems, we will think of Oa, Ehr, CRM, of course, MES, WMS and so on, why do I only choose ERP as the development of products?






The above talked about why ERP was developed, now let's talk about why open source? The reason is simple: break the game.The core problems affecting the use of ERP by enterprises are: high system complexity and high product prices.How to solve it? Simplified, open source.

Talking about the actual situation in the enterprise, the development of enterprise information is often, the initial consideration of purchase costs, use costs, the introduction of some preliminary information systems, such as: OA, Ehr, then with the development of enterprises began to apply more and more other systems, such as: ERP, WMS, MES, Planning and budgeting. But these systems often struggle to evolve as a company evolves. The process of popularizing the system also starts with the financial system, then goes to the business system, then realizes the financial business integration; and this process may also be accompanied by the replacement of the product, from solving a point of the module to solve a surface of the system, from the use of domestic products to foreign. In the end, the system would become a pile of unrelated, incomplete closed loop, data flow, information flow, management flow all disconnected situation, repair until a mess, can not be solved. I have experienced a number of enterprises, different stages of information-based development process, but also experienced a complete 0-1 information construction process, is very familiar with this situation, but also summed up the solution. Finally decided to use a platform of open source products to completely solve this problem, to create an information revolution.




"Red Dragon" is a resounding name

My open source product is called “Red Dragon (role-playing fiction) Erp”, which some people might find a little strange. In fact, the name has its roots. This goes back to when I graduated from college design, I still remember writing a paper called“On the development direction of China's software industry”. After writing this paper, I deeply realized the lack of Chinese software r & D products, so I thought if I have the opportunity to make a software in the future, can make some contributions. Although the ideal seems a little ambitious, but the mentality is sunny.

Remember that time before graduation, with a month of time, day and night to do a now look particularly simple software. But that would be especially exciting and proud. When I finally signed the software, I was thinking about what kind of creative name to come up with? Combined with the above-mentioned lofty ideals, I think of the characteristics of China: the Dragon; and on behalf of China's color: red. Red and dragon, of course. Combined, the name redragon has a special meaning. The Chinese word for“Red dragon” comes from this.


The next article would like to talk about Red Dragon ERP system design experience and ideas, if you want me to talk about the open source software development process of what things, you can also leave me a message.

I hope you read this article to help me go to code cloud or GitHub (search for “Red Dragon (role-playing fiction) Erp”) and click on the star. Waiting for your support!