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1,000 ways to die for enterprises: programmers lock servers, how do Internet companies respond?

2023-02-28 03:52:34

Because in a startup, you either have to hire a technology partner, or you can't hire a lot of big shots. If the technology people are bad, even if they leave like Yin's original lead programmer (because of health reasons) , it's hard for subsequent programmers to take over quickly.

Let's review the next event:

A few days ago, Yin Bolin, the founder of Shenzhen Crab Network Technology Co., Ltd., issued a complaint that former employee Yan locked the server and computer on the day of the game launch test (December 15, 2017), and maliciously disappeared, causing heavy losses to the company.Yin Bolin said, "We can't go online or test, and when the new employees arrive, it will be a few months to familiarize themselves with the new code."He said that after such a long time it was revealed that Yan felt that it didn't matter if the project failed, and was preparing to go through legal procedures.Now the company has been dissolved, and he is working with millions of debts.

Things happened at the end of the 17th year. It was the beginning of the 19th year now. After a year, Yin Bolin's company and project were completely gone. The company was invested and operated by itself. After going through the experience of selling houses and selling cars, people are very reliable in the sense that their last salary is paid by loans. We first sincerely hope that he can De la capăt off as soon as possible, game video I have seen, interested can search “Crab a crab” weibo to see, Hope can also play.

I also left a message for him on Weibo, since it's on the hot search, maybe he can come back from the dead. If he still intends to do it (which seems unlikely) , he will definitely be able to capture a lot of fans.

As for Yan, here will not make too much comment, but presumably after the 40-year-old“Old” programmer this n times as, it is difficult to mix into what kind of.

Similar incidents are common on the Internet, some have changed the homepage of the website, some have secretly deleted data remotely, and so on.


As the founder of a small company, Xiaobian is also a technician himself.There are also some lessons learned about this situation.After all, I have worked in other companies before, and many small Internet companies have only one main programmer, or a programmer that can be trusted.


1. Recruit 2 really can't afford to recruit.Programmers are always paid several times higher than ordinary clerks.

2. The company must have at least 1 programmer.Because technical problems are often more time-grinding, especially junior programmers, who are not experienced enough, some problems are not Baidu, and they can only try and ponder a little by themselves.If you look for paid foreign aid on the Internet, first, the cost of solving problems by regular large companies is particularly expensive, and if you encounter a disgusting one, what if you plug the back door for you? There are too many pits here, such as you can't afford to buy genuine programs, use pirated copies, piracy has always brought a backdoor you don't know and so on, about this kind of content, welcome to pay attention to me, I will talk about it in the future.

3. So if the company is small to only about 3 people, it is best to learn a little by yourself, understand a little, and you can save a lot of money.Because of startups, you either recruit technical partners, or many can't afford to recruit big bulls, once the technical staff makes bad, even if it is like Yin Bolin's original main programmer to leave (due to physical reasons), it is difficult for subsequent programmers to quickly take over.After all, what he wrote a few years ago, he will not remember, and he may scold which SB wrote it.Junior programmers rarely have code specifications, or many things are not recorded on paper, and handovers are difficult to perfect.Once you resign and leave, you can only expect good character from others, and you can communicate afterwards, and if you let him be wronged, you will know the result that day.Most programs are introverted, honest, and must be treated well to programmers, most of whom don't like to spend the day.You can let him write programs quietly without worrying about anything.

(If you are planning to start a business, if you find that you are a little interested in programming, you must learn one programming language in school, and then learn other things to get started.)But what must be warned here is that the profession of programmer is really living to learn the old, maybe last year you mastered the knowledge hard, this year is outdated, but there is a foundation, learning new is always easier.Well, pull a hatred, PHP is the best language in the world.By the way, if you really plan to learn this, English should not be left behind, it can make you more effective with half the effort.As for you speaking easy language? In order not to learn English, I can only say that you are good enough.)

4. Take the form of outsourcing. For the same reason, big companies can't afford it, and small ones may not live as long as you do. Under certain conditions, especially intend to do Internet companies, must be well prepared for technical personnel.

How to solve it?

1. The key is in the early stages of being an entrepreneur, whether it's hiring or financing. Self-charm must be shown, have good contacts, so that when needed, it can be easier to meet the need. The capital likes to cast acquaintances, many years of friends to recommend to you are generally good workers (learn from Lei Jun) .

2. Rich solution: recruit a few more, decentralize authority, and check and balance each other.All types of servers must have an alternate administrator account.

3. No money solution: rent a cloud server, the most reliable in China is only Alibaba Cloud, there is no big choice.If you want to be cheaper, consider Tencent Cloud.If you want to be cheaper, it will be Huayun, Baiduyun, Xiaoniaoyun or something.Choose double 11 or the end of the year and the like, the discount is very large, buy three years, you can get a five-fold discount.It can save a lot of things, but after becoming bigger, you must build your own computer room.In the commercial jungle, we have to maliciously speculate that the data is in someone else's computer room after all, in case ...

Be sure to do a snapshot backup of the server at least weekly (and not regularly updated on a monthly basis) , and then FTP-download the backup on a monthly basis. The company installed a local NAS backup, here recommended group Hui. Cloud server must be the founder of their own registration, key operations to set up SMS authentication. In any case is to think of more ways to back up, so that people go to delete the data is not complete. As for the back door, it is not easy to find out, so you should hire a more reliable technology behind.

5. Success learning to see more, look at failure learning, avoid pitfalls will make you go further.We work very hard and develop very hard, but sometimes we can only stand still, not to mention someone who coldly gives you a brick.

Finally, I Wish Yin Bolin not only happy when the wage-earners (my words) , entrepreneurial people, is never willing to go on like this. I look forward to your Rising in the East.