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The Samoans, who are free from the outside world, have no reservations about privacy! More than open!

2023-02-28 03:51:59


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In recent years,

Some people are willing to set their travel destination in


Within the primitive tribe there is a tribe that is very peculiar,

Under the influence of traditional concepts,

But in terms of conservatism, we do

The Samoans attribute the practice of not wearing clothes to

Even so, people can also do it without clothes, they pass

When visitors from outside come to the Samoan settlement, they are also invited by the Samoans

They will

Satsuma people live

When we walk into the Samoan region with a view of admiring the views, we will find this place

Inhabited by the Samoans

But for the Satsuma,

Animals can achieve no privacy between them, then humans can also achieve no privacy between them

Satsuma people are also born

If you want to travel to Samoa, if you want to see the real life of the Samoans, then be sure to do so

The Satsuma's dislike of wearing clothes is also a unique local culture, one that they have generated in nature

In fact, we should not only visit Samoa, but also when visiting other countries and regions of the world

Cultural inclusivity can

Now people are under the influence of the Industrial Revolution, although enjoyed

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