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Internationally renowned designer Li Fei: Original design, leading a better life

2023-02-28 03:51:54

2005年去英国深造学习艺术设计,作品多次获得设计业界大奖中国国美设计院设计创作大奖 pinki国际美学院全球创意先锋会员悟理设计工作室由国外优秀设计师精英团队所组成,成立于2004年这个以室内装饰设计为主其中包括室内设计家具设计室内施工软

Guest: Olive Lee

Li Fei Olive Lee a Hangzhou native living in Shanghai, she is a soft-wear designer. He graduated from Dalian Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Law School in 2002 and went to the UK to study installation art and Design in 2005. In 2015, his works have won many design industry awards. Olivedesign, a Chinese creative pioneer founded by Liu Weijun, is an elite team of foreign designers and renowned Chinese ink artists.

In 2005, he went to England to study art and design, his work has won many design industry awards, the design and Creation Award of China Gome Design Institute, Pinki International Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the global creative pioneer, and Wu Li Design Studio is composed of an elite team of outstanding foreign designers, founded in 2004, this interior decoration design mainly includes interior design furniture design, interior construction, soft decoration, furniture making, adhering to the design tradition and fashion design concept, pursuing exquisite and imposing style, the motive force of creation comes from the promotion of life quality and artistic life.

Li Fei

Topic: The ablation boundary of the design

About design

  • How do you maintain the craftsmanship when art becomes FMCG? In fact, design and craftsmen can be equal, including design ability realization ability.
  • Design is from the visual to the psychological, through art to express, through the design to communicate.
  • The designer's knowledge of composition, aesthetics, logic, art, design, fashion, sales, history, philosophy
Think first

Perception = vision, hearing, taste, feeling, feeling, touch

  • Communicate constantly and build emotional relationships
  • Make others want to know me through the attraction of knowledge or ability
  • Exercise your thinking processing ability
A shining landmark in Atlantis Bay Sanya
  • Sanya Atlantis, The Palm, the hotel looks like a sailboat, meaning smooth sailing. A romantic place like Sanya is a good place for a young couple to make a But Always (1314) . The Sanya Atlantis, The Palm happens to have 1,314 sea-view rooms, including 154 suites ranging from 115 sq m to 944 sq m, with the largest suite measuring 1,061 sq m.
  • East & West is based on Plato's "Dialogues", the myth and legend of the sea god Poseidon as a clue, the story of the human heart combining fantasy and mysterious legends, the blue sky and white clouds, the blue sea and golden sand, self-sufficiency, spiritual supremacy balance is the pursuit of the Atlanteans, and the body is the temple balance and harmony of the soul.
  • If this is a myth, then Li Fei brought this legend to the world, the design style from the heart, the exotic style everywhere, let the space bring the heart back to the legend.

Second, about designers

  • Design is life, there are many ways to improve the level of a designer, different people can use different ways, simply put: pursue life, know life, enjoy life.
  • 设计跟生活必须有关系,因为这个世界每天都在改变,所以设计师也要跟着世界一起前进。
Designers are the callers of the soul
  • Talent-knowledge is the only way to make up for the lack of talent.
  • Expand your knowledge, maintain humility, and constantly dabble in design, psychology, feng shui, marketing, etc

Third, about the design concept

Design is careful, let the real user to help you design, to meet the real needs of users. When your user is a child, consider that freedom is a child's attribute, such as having them exchange pins for things, and see what he actually trades for?

The fun of original design is just beginning

Strawberry Music Festival


In the language of the youth culture system, with a structure that conforms to the aesthetics of the young group to combine more self-created elements into the final complete picture, this year's strawberry design style focuses more on the core content of the modern sky - youth culture, more observation, more communication, more thinking, integrating and unifying concepts and aesthetics from all angles.

"Modern Sky Infinite Universe" is MVM's first attempt in the "IP energy field incubation" system, extending from the base of Modern Sky to Strawberry Planet, paper magazines, toy figures and physical spaces.

Each player who participates in this“Infinite Universe” can switch coordinates between two and three dimensions to find his or her proper role and position. The second season of the“Infinite Universe” series has been released. M. Here. Rez meets Yuko and the civilization that gave birth to her at the bottom of the ocean.

Five, the beginning of the heart and the beginning, go on to

  • The Prophet thinks before the fruit
  • Thinking X Operation X Industry X Learning X Feelings X Vision X Landing X Practice X System X Transformation

6. Reflection:

  • What is the nature of life?
  • Man makes dwelling, and then dwelling makes man

Note: Atlantis Mysterious Legend

Located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantis is said to have the name of an ancient continent, country or city-state with a high degree of civilization.The earliest description appears in the ancient Greek philosopher Plato's Dialogues, which is said to have been destroyed by a prehistoric flood in 10,000 BC.

According to legend, it was the sea god Poseidon who founded the kingdom of Atlantis.On a small island, there was a maiden whose parents had died, and Poseidon married this girl and gave birth to five twins, so Poseidon divided the island into ten districts, giving each to ten sons to rule, with the eldest son as the supreme ruler.Because this eldest son was called "Atlas", the country was called the kingdom of "Atlantis".

The ten kings, each with absolute power in their own territory, each adopting a different organization of states, met every five or six years in the temple of Poseidon to discuss their relations and their ruling power, and when the agreement was established, cut the throat of the cow feeding in the temple of Poseidon, and wrote the text of the resolution on the pillars of the temple of Poseidon with its blood to increase the sanctity of the decision.

The ten kings were wise, and their countries were rich and strong. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the Rot began to set in. ... King Zeuss of the gods punished the fall of his people by causing earthquakes and floods, and Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea in a single day and night.