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SourceTree 3.x.x skips login and skips registration

2023-02-28 03:51:49

Step 1: Enter %LocalAppData%AtlassianSourceTree in the computer address bar, create a new accounts.json file here, and write the following: [ { "$id": "1", "$type": "SourceTr"

Sourcetree download , download the software on your own system

Double-click sourcetree. The EXE application will have this interface that tells us to log in to Bitbucket, which we can skip.

Step 1: Type% localappdata% Atlassian sourcetree into your computer's address bar and create a new account here. JSON file and write the following:



"$id": "1",

"$type": "SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity.Model.IdentityAccount, SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity",

"Authenticate": true,

"HostInstance": {

"$id": "2",

"$type": "SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountInstance, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount",

"Host": {

"$id": "3",

"$type": "SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountHost, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount",

"Id": "atlassian account"


"BaseUrl": ""


"Credentials": {

"$id": "4",

"$type": "SourceTree.Model.BasicAuthCredentials, SourceTree.Api.Account",

"Username": "",

"Email": null


"IsDefault": false



In previous versions, after creating this json file, you can skip login and registration by restarting SourceTree, this time it is version 3.3.6, and you need to configure it one step further.

Step 2: Enter% localappdata% Atlassian sourcetree. EXE in the file address bar. Exe

Here is the version number, each version number is different, so this folder name may not be the same.

Open user. EXE under the corresponding version folder. The SourceTree. Config file adds the following code to the SourceTree tag:

<setting name="AgreedToEULA" serializeAs="String">



<setting name="AgreedToEULAVersion" serializeAs="String">



Step 3: Restart SourceTree, at this time a pop-up window will pop up that does not detect mercurial, choose the fourth one not to use mercurial, you can use the function of SourceTree normally.