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"Paradise Lost": Extramarital love to the extreme is both tragic deaths (5)

2023-02-28 03:51:39

He longed for recognition at work, which he was repeatedly denied; he longed for friendship, and the people he talked to were either dead or indifferent to him; he longed for understanding from his relatives, and his wife and he gave birth to a lot of daughters also seem to be away, he went home and his wife and daughter last goodbye, the daughter a“Don't go...”.

After watching the last 1/8 today, it is natural to see them to death.

The reason why it was natural was because they were the only two people who were fully engaged in their behavior. They could not turn back their attention and could not get away from it. Their colleagues, relatives, and social ethics and morals did not support them. A person is short of food and clothing, some poor, but also can survive. If we are ignored by the society and lose the interpersonal relationship, no space environment for survival, no oxygen to breathe freely, there will be nowhere to hide and suffocate to death, this is the law of natural development.

I don't think it was the loss of his family, but the reports of obscenity and demotion at work, which deprived him of the social roles and relationships he needed to survive. He could not find anyone to complain to. He felt uncomfortable even going out for a walk or having a meal, feeling that people and things around him were giving him strange looks, let him feel that he is so out of place in the world, and he is pointed at the back of their own ridicule is not satisfied with the clown.

To be sure, he could enjoy Rinko's whole-body love, and love could also be expanded to the supreme status of life in his mind, everything outside can not care about, do not need to care about.

He longed for recognition at work, which he was repeatedly denied; he longed for friendship, and the people he talked to were either dead or indifferent to him; he longed for understanding from his relatives, and his wife and he gave birth to a lot of daughters also seem to be away, he went home and his wife and daughter's last goodbye, the daughter said“Don't go...” let him expect his daughter to stay more. Long wood from the porch to the side of the road, looking back again, his wife and daughter are not chasing the sound, the door as no one lives as silent as the house.

Hisagi is still nostalgic for the people and things of this world, and the world has abandoned him.This made his final farewell, and his heart was very uncomfortable, but the more he said goodbye, the more negative his thoughts became, and he strengthened his determination to die.

If you think about it, is this self-deceptive beauty, infinite arrogance and self-righteous ice clear and jade che really the life he yearns for? It is more appropriate not so much his choice as being forced into helplessness.Writing this, my mind shows transparent bright sparkling purple buds, cool flowers.It does not give people a good feeling, but it gives people a feeling of helplessness and loneliness, cold and lonely.

Rinzi began to be a calligraphy teacher, was also a middle-aged man serious pure and beautiful object. She has her persistence and pursuit, seemingly man inviolable, but the long wood is a special. When Rinko meets Nagasaki, they become creators who exploit each other's physical potential. They conquer each other through their Flawless and unmatched love, enjoy the bliss of a distant shore that most of the world does not have the opportunity to enjoy. And Abe and Yoshihide, Takeo Arishima and Akine all have precedents.

In order to cling to Hisaki's desire to give her unique love, Rin spends all day in her small home in Shibuya waiting for Hisaki to come back from work and enjoy their wonderful nights and vacations.She had no trusted friends, so pure affection, so longing for beauty, and so lonely, and she also yearned to embark on a tragic journey to death with the people she loved the most at the best time of her life.This situation has accelerated the realization of this idea.

They have lost so much in society, almost nothing, that they are in the same boat. They are forced to do what makes them feel most alive and most honored, and that is to die together at the height of their love for each other. They think, have each other, enjoy the beauty of the world, full of beauty has reached the top. They want to hold on to the good, and they believe that a grand and satisfying death -- that is, the supreme happiness bestowed upon two people who die for love alone.

After the method of their journey to death was determined, Takagi's heart became more comfortable and tranquil. Even though it was my body, I felt as if I had become transparent-completely cleansed inside and out of my body and mind. I had no earthly desire except to die.


Reading this, I was suddenly a little shocked.He died without hesitation, but said, "It's good to be alive."They explain that they want to keep the good because "it's good to be alive".I understand this logic, but I can only respect it, I can't agree with it.

Just Imagine, the world gives them more and more loss, they have tasted the most delicious human, then to taste the bitter fruit of loss, or to see the natural love to the death of the people who may one day hate each other, so What's the point of living any longer? Watching yourself go down in flames?

Nobody pays attention to them. They are still actively designed to be found after death, otherwise, they die, probably no one will know in time. Their relatives, colleagues, and social networks are badly broken and isolated. They live to the end is very lonely, lonely to only each other, only such a tragic death in order to let others remember that they have loved, beautiful. They have moved themselves by the results they have tried to give at the cost of their lives. Who cares about the people who are still alive?

In this way, they deeply integrated into each other's bodies and minds, hugged death tightly, and successfully completed the final journey to death.They became the only perfect masterpiece of martyrdom for love.Twenty hours after they died, they were discovered by the police and the medical examiner at their most difficult time to separate, witnessing the miracle they once loved.

It takes a lot of energy to die, and a lot more courage and strength to live. They have no power to continue to live and continue to be happy. And no one from the outside can give them the strength to light the lamp of hope for their continued existence.

Junichi Watanabe finished telling the tragic story of this extramarital affair.And the thinking that this story brings us is not over.

I will share my personal thoughts on the book tomorrow.

Good night.

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