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The highest sense of wealth: that is, everything in the universe is wealth, and nothing is not wealth.Wealth is everywhere and everywhere.Consciousness is everything.

2023-02-28 03:51:34


What exactly is consciousness? Consciousness is expressed in the language of life: thoughts, thoughts, belief systems, opinions, which belong to the category of consciousness.Why consciousness is the most important, everything that happens in the universe, matter, including money, manifestations comes from consciousness.Everything stems from the original idea, thought and opinion.

What kind of consciousness leads to what kind of results. Abundant consciousness leads to abundant results, healthy consciousness leads to healthy results, positive consciousness leads to positive results, negative consciousness leads to negative results, and consciousness leads to matter. The three dimensions are keen on the pursuit of external abundance, but all external abundance comes from the invisible consciousness. Before cars and houses are present in our lives, they come from our consciousness.

Consciousness is everything.

So, what we want, we feel and imagine experiencing that picture in consciousness.What kind of life we want to have is first created in our consciousness.

It's important to realize that something is important. There is a huge difference in health performance between health-conscious and non-health-conscious people. There is no concept of time, legal concept of people, awareness of the different aspects of the external presentation is completely different.

Consciousness is the source, consciousness is the cause, and wealth is the effect.Every aspect of our lives is a result, and the source is one of your ideas, ideas, and belief systems, as well as awareness of the important role of consciousness.

What is wealth? Everything is wealth, everything we have at this moment is wealth. Can we enumerate the existence of non-wealth in our lives? Including bad experiences, trash, setbacks, these are also wealth. Wealth also includes, of course, health, spiritual freedom, and the abundance of money and material things. Only the expansion of wealth awareness, for the definition of wealth, understanding, dimension, depth, breadth, precision, and more and more deep, our sense of abundance will come out.

There is a saying that people do not know their blessings when they are blessed, that is to say, people are rich in material things, but they lack and are not satisfied. One's greatest asset is to feel our connection to plants, animals, and everything. Happiness comes from a sense of connection, a sense of touch. Otherwise the heart is very lonely, separated, lack. Open your senses and connect with what is within us and what is outside our body. Connection is the greatest wealth, ownership is the greatest wealth.

Only when we are connected to everything can we feel and touch our fullness, which is not a concept, but a state and a state that can be touched.When the five senses and six senses are opened, the deep feeling of gratitude and miracle in our hearts will come out, and I am connecting with each family member with my heart, my consciousness, my imagination, these are the treasures of our lives!

The grateful heart is closest to wealth, even if you have more, but your heart is insecure and ungrateful, then no matter how much you have, you will not have that feeling of possession.

It is only when we move from ungratitude to gratitude that our inner awareness and understanding of wealth change, and our ability to connect opens up, that our lives change in essence. Take Back the power of this feeling, the feeling of abundance within, and once this feeling is in place and anchored, then the outside will change quietly and miracles will occur.