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Cheap Cat food recommendations: which low-cost cat food cost-effective? What do you recommend?

2023-02-28 03:51:24

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Many friends in the purchase of cat food, will pay attention to the price of the problem. Cat food on the market a wide range of brands, prices from a few yuan to dozens of yuan a catty. The price is too expensive to bear to buy, the price is too cheap, and dare not buy. So what kind of cat food affordable, good quality?

1. Good owner full price cat food

This cat food uses chicken as a protein raw material, natural grain-free, and specially added tuna ingredients, which can effectively supplement DHA for cats while helping cats with skin care.In addition, L-carnitine is additionally added to it, which helps the cat's metabolism and reduces fat accumulation.It is more suitable for obese cats with little exercise.The price is also very affordable, generally around 13 yuan a catty.


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2. Maifudy salmon freeze-dried double-spelled cat food

This cat food is rich in chicken cranberry freeze-dried, salmon freeze-dried, pigeon freeze-dried, protein content of more than 40%, and contains 10 billion live probiotics, very suitable for cats with bad stomachs.The daily price of a pound is about 14.4 yuan, which is also a cost-effective cat food brand.


Gluttonous cat food contains anchovy, chicken, frozen duck, beef powder and other protein raw materials, crude protein content is as high as 38%, but also specially added vegetable formula, is a high nutritional value, affordable cat food.The daily price is less than 30 yuan per catty, which is super cost-effective.

4. Good owner 3 cat food

This cat food has a very rich taste of fish, but also domestic brands, a higher heat of cat food. This cat food is high in protein, fat, taurine ratio is good, cheap, the price is generally about 15.9 yuan per catty. Not bad for cat food at the same price.

5. Weishi full-price grain-free cat food

The crude protein ratio of Guardian cat food is as high as 34%, which contains six kinds of meat, salmon, muscle, tuna, sardines, chicken, duck, and additional cranberries, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables, 0 grains added, balanced nutrition, can effectively promote the digestion and absorption of cats, enhance cat physique.The price is generally about 20 yuan a catty, which is a cat food with high cost performance.



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4. Cash withdrawals are low and fast

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