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Repeated colds are not easy to get better, and dietary taboos are very important!

2023-02-28 03:51:09

When people have a cold, in order to fight the disease, qi and blood gather outward to the body surface, this process is continuous, until the disease is better, unlike you run for a while and it is over, so the stomach inside appears empty, qi and blood can not take care of so much, gastrointestinal function is definitely not good, some people will say that their appetite is very good anyway, just eat meat, digest meat is one

Colds are the most common illnesses and can stay with everyone for the rest of their lives.Some people have a cold for two or three days, some people have seven or eight days, and some don't even get better for half a month.What is the reason? Of course, some are common colds, which heal themselves in three or five days, and even if it is influenza, it should heal itself in seven or eight days.In fact, there are many cases where the cold is repeated, it was almost good, a shabu-shabu, a few pieces of fried chicken, a can of cold drinks, blowing the air conditioner, the cold virus feels that you are quite hospitable, half of the walk and reluctant to go, so the cold repeated.Therefore, it is not that the enemy is strong, but that we take it too lightly.

Adults are good to say, it's a big deal to be hungry for two days, if you really want to repeat it, you will persist for a few more days, and the pain will always pass.Children are different, there is no self-discipline, do not know what patience to persist, adults are more anxious, for fear that the child is hungry and thin, the cold is not good, just give the child to eat this and that, the result is also repeated, even the cold is aggravated, combined with tonsil inflammation, fever, so anxious to go to the doctor, the child has not suffered less, a cold for a week or two, and there is a cough, even a month is not completely good, really anxious, I believe that all parents are empathetic, as if they have personally experienced it.

Everyone is most concerned about how to get rid of the cold quickly, and do not let it repeat. I summed up two points, one is patient, one is cruel. Patience is because a cold is a short-term self-healing illness, there is no need to rush. Be cruel because cold virus is very cunning, you don't neglect to let it have a chance to take advantage of, again give you a back. How Bad? It's not like you can just bite the virus and be done with it. You have to be tough on yourself, tough on your kids. It's like a war. You Can't just be tough on your enemies. You only care about yourself and you're afraid to sweat and bleed, this battle is unwinnable. At the end of the day, it's mainly about some dietary taboos. It's not about cutting off your diet. It's about eating properly, keeping your stomach relatively empty, and not letting this cold virus linger, it's a real problem for foodies and kids. It's easy to be confrontational, it takes patience, it takes Fa Yin Haau Yu, it takes a big commitment, buy a gift or have a nice meal to make up for the cold.

Then talk about the dietary taboos during the cold, this is just picking up the verbosity of the elderly, and you have to say it.

First, avoid meat, all kinds of meat.

Second, avoid raw cold, fruit cold drink.

Third, avoid greasy and frying and grilling.

Fourth, avoid spicy, spicy cooking wine.

Fifth, avoid salty brine, all kinds of pickled lo-mei.

These are actually summaries of the life experiences of the elderly. In the past, there was a lack of medicine and medicine, and they could only fully exert their subjective initiative. Now that the conditions are good, everyone does not pay attention to these life experiences anymore. Some have become parents, he is ill or muddleheaded, love of life should be good at summing it up.

Let's talk about the reasons for these taboos, otherwise everyone will not be convinced.Generally speaking, that is, the cold is sick, coupled with taking medicine, the gastrointestinal function is definitely not too good, reduce the burden on the stomach, and the cold can get better quickly.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a particular note, the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon" first proposed the term "food recovery", that is, careless diet leads to repeated diseases, mainly refers to meat, "Typhoid Miscellaneous Diseases" in the treatment of external sensation the first party, the back of the guizhi soup side, very detailed explanation of the precautions after taking the medicine, after taking the medicine a little cover a little sweat, the number of times to take medicine within a day according to the change of the condition flexible mastery, forbidden to eat raw cold, sticky, meat noodles, five spices, wine cheese, smelly and other substances, these precautions have continued until the Qing Dynasty, Almost all doctors agree that "according to the method of guizhi soup", that is, the treatment of external diseases must follow these precautions.

Some people are still not convinced by these old-fashioned taboos, for example, let you eat while running, eat a lot of things, how will you feel? Must be revulsion, don't want to eat, barely eat also can't eat what taste son, perhaps a while still can stomachache. The human body's Qi and blood total so much, only quiet down to ensure that the stomach has enough qi and blood supply, gastrointestinal normal work, not what you want to do. When a person has a cold, in order to fight against the evil of the disease, the Qi and blood accumulate to the surface of the body. This process is continuous until the disease is cured. Unlike you who run for a while, it is over, therefore, the intestines and stomach inside seemed empty. Qi and blood could not take into account so much. The functions of the intestines and stomach were definitely not good. Some people would say that they had a good appetite anyway, so they just ate meat. Digesting meat was a relatively long process, will allow too much qi and blood to converge to the stomach, then the body surface as a peripheral defense will appear to lack of Qi and blood. In this case, the disease evil that was originally blocked on the body surface will take advantage of the weakness and cause the disease evil to go deep into the body. Think about it, is the disease evil in the body surface is easy to drive out? Or is the disease so deep in the body that it's easy to get rid of it? So avoid the goal of meat, is to virtual inside and outside, in the case of appropriate hunger, the human body's immunity will be improved in a short time. Fruit cold drink into the gastrointestinal, will consume too much yang, Yang is the main force against pathogenic diseases, the same will lead to the deepening of pathogenic diseases. Frying and barbecuing, as anyone who has eaten it knows, will cause thirst. This kind of thing consumes body fluid more, and less body fluid will cause dryness and heat. Not only is it not conducive to expelling pathogenic diseases, but it will also cause a cold to turn hot quickly, the nature of the disease changes. Spicy, salty food will also consume body fluid, with fried food results similar to no longer long-winded.

What's the best way to eat it? The general principle is to eat less, to keep a little hungry, to porridge and clear soup noodles-based, children can add some milk and eggs, especially with fever, but also strictly follow the above dietary taboos.

Nagging so much, I hope that in the case of a cold, you may wish to try to pay attention to these dietary taboos, seemingly simple, but very effective, but in the era of such good material conditions, it is indeed a little difficult.I wish you all good health!