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TikTok Guild Policy

2023-02-28 03:51:04

This is the current policy of the Douyin Guild. This is a percentage table of the Douyin Guild. After a month's worth of ratings, the newly-registered guild will have corresponding ratings. This is A, then everyone would ask if Douyin Guild had recommendation spots. Douyin Guild also had recommendation spots. Currently, Douyin Guild's methods of obtaining recommendation spots were as follows: 1. After monthly rating

This is the current policy of the Douyin Association

This is the current Tiktok Guild's percentage table. After a month's worth of ratings, the newly-registered guild will have a corresponding rating. If this is one, then everyone will definitely ask, does the Tiktok Guild have recommendation spots? The Tiktok Guild also has recommendation spots. At present, the method for the Tiktok Guild to obtain recommendation spots is as follows:

1. After a monthly rating, each rating will have a ranking, and the top 10 will have recommendations

2, Zhou Liushui reached 200W sound waves guild, the official reward recommended bit

It's not that grade C can't get a recommendation bit, grade C also has a recommendation bit, but it's two words, ranking, according to your ranking to get a recommended bit, what does the ranking rely on? Monthly flowing water

Sound Wave's accumulation, this also relates to the guild level a promotion, sound wave is the Tiktok Guild's comprehensive consideration standard.

And what about the reward shares on the form? This means that at each level he will have a corresponding number of hosts, one is a valid anchor. Here is the definition of a valid anchor, the definition of an effective host is that a host must broadcast a total of 40 or more hours of live time that month, and then the number of effective live streams must be greater than or equal to 15, which can be considered as an effective host, and then added a new broadcast is very easy to understand, this is not a valid anchor is included, but need to reach a quota to reward the extra share.

There are any questions below the article message, I will answer one by one, clasping the Fist of the iron juice.