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Follow this flowering guide to unlock Shanghai's spring blossom viewing guide

2023-02-28 03:50:54

Plum blossoms are in full bloom, mountain cherry blossoms, magnolia, peach blossoms, begonias, peony branches have given birth to buds...

Plum blossoms, mountain cherry blossoms,

Magnolia, peach blossom, begonia, peony branches

Flower buds have been conceived...

The flowering season of a hundred flowers is drawing near.

Spring is getting stronger, the expected cold winter is gradually drifting away, and the warming temperatures indicate that spring is approaching.May people follow the spring well, and spring is suitable with people.Spring is a good time to enjoy the flowers, and with this flowering guide, unlock Shanghai's spring blossom viewing strategy.

Century Park plum

I'd rather die with incense in my arms,

Never blown down in the north wind.

Spring is cold, and only plum blossoms bloom proudly.In Shanghai, if you want to set foot in the green plum view, you may wish to take a walk in Century Park, it will definitely make your trip worthwhile.Century Park will have a large-scale plum blossom exhibition every spring, plum blossoms, full of fragrance, tourists are like weaving, a lively scene.It is worth mentioning that there are also new varieties of plum blossoms such as "Oriental Cinnabar" and "Three Wheels of Small Pink" in Merlin, the pink color and special shape will definitely open your eyes.


Flowering period: February 1 ~ March 20

Transportation: Take Metro Line 2 to the Century Park Station.

02. Gucun Park │ cherry blossoms

Homesickness does not ask the heavenly moon,

Own cherry blossoms win Luoyang.



Flowering: mid-march to early April

Take the subway line 7 Gucun Park Station.

2. Take 963, 840, 528, Jiatai Line, Beiluo Line, Beihua Line to Gucun Park

03. Flower Harbor tulip

Lanling wine tulips,

Jade bowl with amber light.

In the spring flower port, the most eye-catching thing in the flower bush is the large sea of tulips, and I see tulips of various colors intertwined to form a unique and exquisite pattern.Some of the nurseries also have special new varieties cultivated, with their peculiar petals and novel colors, which will surely amaze you.In addition, you can also taste special food from the Netherlands on the Dutch style street!


Flowering period: March 21 ~ April 26

Transportation: Take Metro Line 11 or Line 18 Lingang Bridge Station and take bus 1078 to Shanghai Seafood Flower Port.

04. Big group of peach orchards

April on earth,

The peach blossoms of the mountain temple began to bloom.

Plum Blossom in February, March Peach, March outing, in addition to the general trend of cherry, Peach is also the mainstream of flower tours. Shanghai's Datuan Peach Garden is the most popular place to appreciate flowers in Shanghai, the annual Peach Blossom Festival has attracted much attention. In the Peach Garden, you can not only enjoy the peach blossom forest, but also enjoy many wonderful projects such as wild fishing and self-service barbecue.


Flowering: late March to mid-april

Self-driving route: Under S20-s2 Tai Yip Road exit-tai Yip Road-tung Tai road-tai Tuan Taoyuan Road

05. Pear Culture Museum │ Pear Blossom

Is like a spring gale, come up in the night,

Blowing open the petals of ten thousand peartrees.

Shanghai Pear Culture Museum is located in the crystal pear base in Cangqiao Town, pear blossoms generally bloom from mid-March to early April, when the pear blossom forest is full of snow, flowers, very spectacular, let you enjoy the lively spring scene of "suddenly like a night spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms".Not only that, you can also taste the soft and tender crystal pears in the pear orchard, and experience wild fishing that is very fun.

Tips: Flowering period: mid-March ~ early April

Transportation: Take Line 9 and transfer to Songjiang Bus No. 32

06, Fengxian │ oil flowers

A hundred miles of golden incense,


The early spring is sunny, compared to the city's congestion, the field trip flowers is a good choice. Fengxian is the nearest rape flower field from downtown Shanghai. The Breeze blows through the rape flower field, which is like a golden wave, walking among them can be described as one step at a time, beautiful. During the Fengxian District cauliflower festival, not only can you wander through the maze of cauliflower, but you can also taste farm chicken, mutton and many other umami!

Tips: Flowering: March 27 to April 12

Self-driving route: G15 Shenhai Expressway - G1501 Shanghai Ring Expressway (Puwei Highway Zhuanghang Exit) - Nanting Highway - Zhuangliang

07. Shanghai Botanical Garden Orchids

The invisible love of beauty,

Crack writing between the bright windows.

Shanghai Botanical Garden, located in the southwest of Xuhui District, is a comprehensive botanical garden for plant display and popular science education.The Shanghai Botanical Garden is rich in plant species, like a large treasure trove of plants, especially the orchids in the orchid room in the garden attract many tourists.In the orchid room, the green Phalaenopsis orchid and the yellow Phalaenopsis orchid are the protagonists of the entire flower room, and the fragrance will make you taste endlessly.

Tips: Florescence: early March to early mid-march

Traffic: take the southern route to Baise Road, Longchuan North Road, and walk 200m to the Shanghai Botanical Garden Road.

08. Minhang Sports Park │Begonia

Spring is like the cup of wine,

Drunk to the point that Begonia is weak.

Minhang District Sports Park is a sports-themed theme park. Don't think it's just sports facilities and fitness fanatics. The famous 1,000-metre flower path in Minhang District sports park is lined with not only cherry blossoms, but also begonias. Every spring, the garden is in full bloom, very beautiful and romantic.


Flowering period: mid-April to early May

Transportation: Take Xumin Line or Metro Line 1 to Xinzhuang Metro Station, then transfer to bus 763 and get off at Sports Park Station.