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The last leaf hanging on the wall

2023-02-28 03:50:29

That day, when Josie pulled back the curtains, she saw the last of the ivy leaves hanging on the wall.

In an art district west of Washington Square, two young literary women, painters Suai and Josie, moved in. Holding the common interest hobby, two people are mutual bosom friends, rented a studio.

This is where the American writer Henry O. 's novel The The Last Leaf begins.

In the winter of this year, lung disease suddenly began to occur in the community.A lot of people in the art district were infected.Unfortunately, Jossie was also hit by the virus and entered the group of infected people.

The English dramatist Shakespeare, in his Hamlett, wrote, “To be or not to be, is a question to be considered, whether by acquiescence to the cruel arrows of fate, or by a struggle against the infinite sufferings of the world, to sweep them away. Which of these two acts is more noble? '


Relatives, Friends of love, help is very important, but the real key is to establish their own confidence in life, only self-strong people can get out of life's difficulties. So what happened to Josie in the novel?

With several days of pain and suffering, so that the bed on the spirit of Joan gradually lost the belief in life. All she cared about was looking out the window at an Ivy vine that was climbing on the wall, and counting the leaves hanging from its branches, to pass the time of boredom.

Jossie's depressed state of mind made the doctor feel very worried.In the doctor's view, if the patient's will continues to be depressed, she herself no longer has any hope for the recovery of the disease.Then all the subsequent treatments will not work for her.

As a friend, Suai has been a constant companion to the ailing Josie. But every time she saw Josie's state of mind, she was torn inside. Especially after talking with the doctor about Josie's illness, it was even more sad and sad. Only in front of Josie still perked up, forced to calm down. And comforted her from time to time.

That day, Suai heard Jossie start counting the fallen leaves of ivy outside the window again.Jossie sadly told Suai that the leaves she counted were almost finished.When she counts to the last leaf falls, it will be time for her to die.

Suai listened to Joansie's words, and while comforting her emotions again, she had to go to Mr. Bellman, the painter in the community.



In the middle of the night, there was a sudden gust of wind and rain. The wind, the rain, the sound in my ears. There is a presentiment that the future events that need to be faced will happen on this night.

However, the next morning, when Jossie opened the curtains again, a miracle happened.The last ivy leaf did not fall, but it still hangs on the brick wall.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Josie felt very ashamed. I finally realized that all my negative thoughts were wrong. So, she began to actively adjust their own mentality, but also with the doctor's treatment. It was not long before Josie's condition improved greatly.

When the doctor informed everyone that Mr. Bellman had died of pneumonia, Suai also told Josy about the last unfallen leaf on the wall.

It turned out that Mr. Bellman, in order to rekindle the flame of life for the ailing Jossie, braved the heavy rain that night to go out and paint the last ivy leaf on the wall.His pneumonia was also contracted by the rain that night, until he finally passed away.

What is true, good and beautiful in human nature? Let's look for the answer at the end of the story.

An old painter over 500 years old in the last moment of life, selfless dedication of their share of the vast love, Save the world another lost soul. Thus also completed his life long-cherished wish. With Love to create his life in the outstanding works, painted the last leaf of his life. Day Watch