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The quilt is the grave of youth - the year of the seven pansies

2023-02-28 03:50:19


Let's do two things for these marks throughout our lives: remember, or find.

A second grade math class, teacher ye suddenly put down the chalk, silently walked to the side of brother tortoise seat, picked up a book on brother Tortoise's desk, with my understanding of brother tortoise, most likely he looked at extra-curricular books. As expected, teacher ye was beating brother tortoise, “Bed is the tomb of Youth?” He said, looking at the cover of the book. “The title of the book is very good. You should go to bed early, get up early and study hard at this time. You Can't be lazy. But you can't do that in class either.”

This is the first time I have heard the book "The Bed is the Grave of Youth".At that time, although I couldn't smell the chicken and dance, I also deeply realized the importance of every inch of time.The title was full of encouragement when I first heard it, and I often read books such as Carnegie's complete works and parchment rolls at that time, and I was quite useful for such encouraging words, so I silently calculated when to buy a copy to see.

Of course, this is only a junior high school episode, and did not really play any waves. Only in high school in the bookstore to buy the book, and bought it because the book's cover design is simple, the feel of the paper comfortable thick. It will look better on the bookshelf with the river of sorrow.

The opening sentence: “To have the most simple life, and the most distant dream. Even if tomorrow cold, Long Way horse perish.”. I do not know how much power it gave me at that time, gorgeous words and poetic catharsis of emotions, but also let that at that time in the somewhat artificial pain and then depressed years I have a resonance, i just feel that I can push myself to work harder for my life. But in each of the latter stories there is an air of youthful gloom, a broken heart wailing from line to line, leaving me halfway through the book, always thinking that the writing of the seven-year-old would make me miss the beauty of Xiaomei in my life.

To the present age, pick up the book again. A little more understanding.

Seven Jin years said: No one is always seventeen years old, but always someone seventeen years old. At the age of 17, he was exposed to a certain range of the world and learned a lot about life that was different from his own through various ways. Various little emotions became sad after the fermentation of puberty, it is common to worry about the new words. The title is inspirational, but the stories are full of tears. No matter how hot-blooded young impulse will be hit by life in pieces, no one understands the tragedy repeated. A strong sense of conflict makes me feel that this is life, even if you infinite efforts, but also may be life a big mouth to hit the north. Too often, youth dies of grief.

After watching the experience of Nanayan, I understand that most of the characters in the story bring the shadow of Nanayan's own life.Under the influence of her sad childhood, it is understandable that the entire book is colored with sorrow.People who did not get enough warmth in childhood spent the rest of their lives trying to make up for the lack of warmth in childhood.The most common states of youth: the suddenness that no one understands, the tragedy of love or the misfortune of the family, are all told in different stories by Nanachi.When you get older, you will find that the real pain has just appeared, and more sad things are coming in, and then it will really be like Tolstoy said: sad families are different.

In fact, it is said that marriage is the tomb of love, but most people still without hesitation to lie in it, the soul of the Wild Ghost is rare; the quilt is the tomb of youth, but the real grasp of time to live up to their youth is only part of the people, most people or like me or prefer the cold autumn and winter, waiting for the sun to diffuse into the room, lazy in bed dawdling for a long time, then get up slowly and have lunch. Although the bed is a tomb, but lying really cool.

This lockdown winter, the time spent in the bed was also extended, and after reading this book, it became more nostalgia for junior high school life, which aroused my thoughts of visiting Chengdu again.Fortunately, I have had youth, and I have been to Chengdu.