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Be clear about your dreams

2023-02-28 03:50:14

Now I will explain to you the 7 rules that make your dreams come true: the first thing that needs to be proposed is wisdom, in fact, the correct and appropriate use of education, wisdom is your ability to solve problems, you can write such a summary sentence: that is, wisdom is the ability to distinguish differences, when I was 16 years old, the teacher gave me 4 pictures, a zebra, a giraffe, one

Eight-step model: 1. Clarify your dreams; Second, make some commitments; 3. Write a list of the people to be introduced; 4. Reach out to and invite your audience; 5. Hold successful family gatherings; 6. Follow-up; 7. Check your progress; 8. Teach your model (copy).

Create a concept that shares profits with a consumer base and supports them with an incomparable company.

Richard Devix said that a partnership was built with teamwork at its core

New trends in work, healthy relationships

Interlight provided the training

A partnership of supply companies, support systems, and independent business people

It can enable ordinary people to achieve extraordinary dreams


People who exert their power are multiple people


What we say constitutes our world, and it becomes true over time

Tell people about the plan again and again

One of the greatest tools is the tape

Start with your heart

The unparalleled sharing program has brought great success


What did confusion get you out? I want to talk about a model, a system, a plan.

Plan, mode, system


We don't know the business and can't take shortcuts in the educational process

Who is making money? Knowledgeable people are making money! To understand the knowledge of this year's business, you need to participate in learning, attend meetings, and get more knowledge.

The difference between a dream and a fantasy is what you do to make it come true, otherwise it's a fantasy, and nothing is more important than that

Anyone who joins the business withdraws and gains more than they lose

Some people imagine that if they open their mouths, they will eat,

We're not talking about money, we're talking about time.People who say they don't have time are people who don't make enough money.


Success is largely intrinsic.



Wealth does not bring happiness, happiness can bring wealth, happiness is a state of mind.

This business is right, to become an expert in business


We can't blame others,

Have confidence in tomorrow


Trust your leaders

They always have good intentions for it

God is generous and God is with you

You have to work very hard

Love the most and hate the least every day; Solve problems every day, don't make trouble!

Success is a decision, a habit, and success is something you create.16 points.

Don't let anything affect your attitude, to find the merits, to find the secret of success, is your attitude.No matter what you do, you can't succeed if you don't have the right attitude.Attitude is the manifestation of you inside you on the outside.





But not half as much

There are no excuses for success! No! Absolutely nothing!!!

Make a promise


The eight-step process: 1. Define your dreams. 2. Make some commitments. 3. Write a list of people to meet. 4. Meet and invite people. 5. have a successful family gathering. 6. Follow up Check your progress. Teach your patterns (copy) .



Dreams are more important than anything, why are dreams made?

You must have a reason.

You have to find your reason, what it is has nothing to do with me, the only reason you need is to do this! Is to build your dreams!

Write down your best day

If there is no dream, no purpose, nothing will happen.

The bigger your dream, the easier it is to make a decision

It's important to believe in what you want


You tell them the plan, you're gonna make a lot of money. What are you gonna Do?

If the dream was big enough, what would you do?

Why do you want it? Are you still going to pursue it?

Wouldn't it be great to get a 6-figure income?


Freedom is interesting!—— there are 17 Cadilaks in total...

Emotions make things happen

If you can see the light on the other side of the tunnel, you will move forward

It all starts with dreams, dreams can arise from pain, they can arise from torture ... No dream will

The dream is the water to drink from the long climb, the gasoline in your tank


It's made of sacrifice -- we don't buy things with the money we make

Striving is the path that takes your dreams to your goals

Edison found more than 10,000 reasons not to invent the light bulb

Einstein never passed in mathematics, he never learned to tie his shoes

A dream without action is an illusion

It's fun to pursue your dreams

Make a commitment to your family, to yourself, to your dreams! 2


Dester said:

If the dream is big enough, reality doesn't matter!—— that's commitment

It is necessary to overcome the so-called realities and challenges

The plan says: You will have $100,000 in 2-5 years

Make things happen in 2 to 5 years

If you want to share the results, you have to share the work! Don't miss a single party

You dig a well before you get thirsty, and before it's too late, you're ready

What's holding you back? It's them. It's them! You have to beat yourself up! You Got ta Get out of yourself! Reach out and touch someone! ... Go beyond yourself! ...... Keep your dreams in front of you

Only dreams can give you energy!...... Let's get the job done! Let's give it our all!

Faith-in everything you do

The element of faith is knowledge.

To succeed in this business, you need to have faith!

Knowledge brings confidence. You have knowledge, you have confidence!

We are dealing with a period of knowledge transformation.

You have to understand what you have. There's no risk in this business.

The merchandise retail industry is transforming

There is a comfort zone surrounding you, and you have to get out of this comfort zone!

Why some people can't stick to it is that you and your comfort zone are more important than you!

Operation Skills:

You learn the pattern, you get what you want

Making a list is important

The list is the original material for this business

There are 52 lists


Three Things:



More on that later


Plan to the most brainy and wise.Speak to the people with the biggest goals, and speak to the most influential people.People need to be reminded in order to help people they know

How many people now you know when you meet


So don't ignore anyone

Take a“Who do you know” form

Whose family business is having trouble? Who has recently lost the opportunity for promotion.

Second, don't settle for too many people too soon.


Understand this and you will correct your attitude.


We should talk to our people of the same level or higher about the plan!

The cream always floats on top!

Examples of cake making: butter, eggs, sugar, ... Bake for 25 minutes

If you change any of the recipes, you change the taste of the cake; If you change either order, you change the taste of the cake! Really?

We provide a system

The market can never hold up the market


It takes 50,200 to produce several lineages.

Source, numbers 1-7,







Personal and business phonebooks


Three people got it right


Greeting card address book





Yours, you participated









A friend, relative, neighbor

This is a special population

60% in business and 60% looking for opportunities.A survey showed that 6 million people said they would join the business if someone invited them.

Our preferential price is not cheap, nor will it be higher than the price of similar products.

Negative reactions come from similar companies, they use the same method to reach people..., let's not say what this is?

The combination of the internet and e-commerce is Questa

You believe you are doing the best business on the blue planet!


The eight-step process: 1. Define your dreams. 2. Make some commitments. 3. Write a list of people to meet. 4. Meet and invite people. 5. have a successful family gathering. 6. Follow up Check your progress. Teach your patterns (copy) .


It's an input-output issue

Bugny's leadership comes from his posture


The way you approach people determines the success rate of your referrals

You realize you don't really need him

The posture is composed of two aspects:

1. Self-image, how to look at your self-image, think that your things are impossible to succeed, you cannot have a good self-image


The dream is gasoline in the cylinder.

Write the following words on the phone:


2. Greetings. - Hello, I'm Potter..., to say I'm busy.

3. Clear the night. I'm trying to figure something out. I'm too busy for a long talk. Are you free on Wednesday evening?


5, 8 o'clock, spouse - you come with your big one.

This is a good question. If they're satisfied, you've succeeded. Turn the conversation to the ad bag. I have some material to deliver that night.


Say you're looking for someone to make money.

Summary: Hello - I'm busy - you are 8 o'clock - and your wife - come to my house!

Attitude contact, if you can make money, very good, you can see some information

You have to remember how valuable what you have is

Advertising bags – make people curious

Time is the biggest asset you want in this business

If, after listening to the tape, he says he's not interested, the tape does exactly what it's supposed to do

“Am I not disturbing you?”-- be sure to say that

Contacts and invitations are the number one tips in this business

Line: "Wednesday or Thursday night time?"

Be Sure

"You're punctual!" Well, we'll see you on Wednesday night."

It is important to gain commitment from the other party

Don't Harp on business over the phone,

Just Say It's best for you that we meet. Let's meet on Saturday Night!

I can't speak clearly over the phone

The best thing is the simplest.

You can also reach people from the perspective of the Internet:

Shop online

2. You can make money online

Do you want to get involved in this industry?

4. Let's set up a time to talk-it's an exciting event

You are looking for people who are looking for you!

5 benefits of sharing this business:

Offer almost unlimited income because it can be replicated

Passive income, which is interesting, is 4% of passive income after you stop working, plus other income

3. Income is inflation-resistant and will rise as inflation increases

4. Income can be transferred and property can be left to the next generation

5. Provide worldwide income, income from all over the world

There are many introductions: 5% of America's 250 million people are 12.5 million, and 100 are not personally introduced

There are more people we don't know than we do know, and we need to reach out to strangers.

Two hooks, two lines:

Walked over and said, "Hello, who are you talking to?" If others are not interested, look for the next one, no one wants to be targeted, don't always think about leveling others!

“I have a marketing business...”

People ask you what you do? (What do you do?) Or rather: what kind of business?)

A: I've worked with hundreds of companies to find a good way to pool our resources, to put things in catalogs, to eliminate the overhead of retail, so that we can shop at home, it's a great way to save money, and there are some places where I can make money, and I go around the country (all over the country) and teach it to people. This is the first line

Note: [ when asked what you do...

You can't stand up, you're a professional businessman

Answer: I have my own business, and my job is to help people like you who want to be entrepreneurs build e-commerce businesses.

Or: "Where should I (seemly) meet you and where do you work?"

“I have my own business, and my job is to connect with people who want to build their own business, maybe including you, and help them build their business!”

He said the job could be exciting.

I said do you have a card? (he gave me a card)

- "You are only one person away from the outbreak"]

The business is copying, not imitating.

Are you interested in the business? (the first hook)

How long have you lived here? Second Hook

I have a business too. I'm in retail. I live in Phoenix...

I'm expanding my business here...

What is the business? A: I've worked with hundreds of companies, and they've found a good way to pool people's resources, put them in the catalog, eliminate the daily expenses of retail, so that we can shop at home, it's a great way to save money, some of which I can make money, I go around the country and teach this method to people.

In retail, there's a lot of money spent on everyday blooming...

Give 65% of the money back to the customer

What we're looking for are special people.

How many apples are there in a seed?

6 direct lines are diamonds, and if you are willing to do enough practice,—— this is your future!

Have a successful party (talk about planning) and follow up

Eight-step model: 1. Clarify your dreams; Second, make some commitments; 3. Write a list of the people to be introduced; 4. Reach out to and invite your audience; 5. Hold successful family gatherings; 6. Follow-up; 7. Check your progress; 8. Teach your model (copy).

The tires are about to come into contact with the ground

What gets the business going is planning

Simplicity and replicability are the A, B, and C of this business

1. Environmental preparation

Pets, babies, and children should be arranged

Try to eliminate all interference, one interference at a time may lose a direct lineage

2. Invite twice as many people as you can


Be excited and talk about your dreams

There is money in excitement and money in dreams

Get the success album

Listen to the tapes and meet the people in the success album

The most important thing in a party is invitation


Learn to cultivate the right attitude

The day after listening to the plan, don't tell someone about the plan, ask the person who told you the plan to help you plan for others, and set a time for the next meeting at the end of the party

Only one of the 30 couples invited came to speak for them

See how many times someone tells you a plan before you tell it yourself

When someone tells you something, you introduce the keynote speaker

We start by talking to the people closest to us

It doesn't matter if you join or not. In Your City, Walmart, the store...


God didn't dictate the seasons, it just created the seasons, and people's decisions determined the seasons, God couldn't even decide where the money went, and if it could, the underworld would go bankrupt and the pastors would become rich, and people's decisions would determine where the wealth goes.

If I gave you a pen and paper and told you that anything you wrote down in the next two minutes would come true, what would you write down? Take this pen and write down your top 10 goals and dreams in life as quickly as possible:

If you already wrote it yesterday or this evening, please write it again.Your ten most important dreams, what ten things do you need most if you want to feel like your life is successful? Write it down as quickly as you can, if you don't have a pen, then the first of your ten goals is to invest in a pen, the smallest pencil is better than the strongest mind, and anything you write down will be achieved in your life.You might write down to lose 40 pounds, own a yacht, pay off all your debts and become a millionaire, etc., and if you think 1 million is a huge number, then you're still poor, and if God wants grace on you, 1 million is just a starting point.

Write down everything you want to do in life, what you want to have and who you want to be as quickly as possible. Only 3% of Americans write down their dream list, so the 3% of people who own real estate have more than the other 97% combined. I have to change your focus to change your life. What you have in your life, they are your dreams, they are your goals, and there are 12 differences between people, one of which is what they choose to focus on and what kind of future they choose.

Write down as soon as possible what you want to do with your life, what you want to have and who you want to be, number them, and use the appropriate adjectives. If you say you want to lose weight, please write down how much weight you want to lose, if you want to travel please write down which countries you want to go to, the clearer your goal, the stronger your belief,


Please write it down as soon as possible, write down anything you want to do, what you want to have and what you want to be in life, revisit your goals, mark the 3 goals that excite you the most, and if you write down 10 goals, what are the 3 goals that will make you burst with energy?

Passion is the clue of the season, a day with passion is worth 100 days without passion, passion determines your discovery, passion is the clue to your dream.The first factor for success is energy, which is the burning power to a difficult future, and I can't change the world if I don't change it.

Have you finished? Circle the three goals that excite you the most. Anything you want to do in life, what you want to have, and who you want to be. If you don't have goals you don't know who your friends are and who your enemies are, your goals determine where people are in your heart. You ask, don't you treat others as equals? Of course not. That would be silly. “I treat everyone the same,” said one woman. So I asked, do you make breakfast for your neighbor's husband every morning? Of course not. If you treat everyone the same, how do you repay the loyalty of others? If you treat everyone the same, how do you repay others for their trust in You? How people respond to your goals determines how close they are to each other, and those who don't respect your future are not entitled to walk with you into it.

We put your goal in front of your eyes, because unless you have a future, you can't get rid of the past, and the best way to get rid of the pain of the past is a picture of the future, we need to make this picture very big to make yesterday die, God gives us a brain, so that we can resize life, I can take the future and make it bigger, I can also take the future and make it smaller, God gives us a brain that allows us to redetermine how much we are going through, and I can take a small offense that someone else has done to me and amplify it, or we can take a small gesture of kindness that someone else gave me and magnify it.

There are 12 differences between people, one of which is what they choose to ignore, whether they want to amplify an offense or an expression of kindness.It's best to write this down, the biggest difference between people is who they choose to trust, the only important difference between people, the only important difference between people is who you choose to trust, which season you are in, the key is who you choose to trust.It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, it doesn't matter if you have blue or green eyes, whether you're Irish, Spanish or Russian, the biggest difference between people is who they choose to believe, and I can't change your life unless I change the person you trust.

And I'm going to introduce you to the seven principles from my book, the Extraordinary Dream, that God gave your brain for two reasons -- memory and imagination. Your World is your brain, your Brain is your world, and what happens in your brain will happen again in your emotions and your feelings. Your Brain is your world. God gave you a brain for remembering, for recording the triumphs and Triumphs of your past life, and for imagining. Let you preview the future of life in the bright.

Now I'm going to give you the 7 rules for making your dreams come true:

The first thing that needs to be put forward is wisdom, in fact, the correct and appropriate use of education, wisdom is your ability to solve problems, you can write such a summary sentence: that is, wisdom is the ability to distinguish differences, when I was 16 years old, the teacher gave me 4 pictures, a zebra, a giraffe, a lion and a flower, and then asked which picture is different, I blurted out that they are all different, which picture is different from the others? I looked at it for a moment and found that the first 3 pictures were all animals, while the fourth picture was a flower, so I said flowers, and he said you got it right.

Intelligence is the ability to tell the difference, and I saw the difference between three animals and a flower, and he gave me another set of pictures, an eye, an ear, a nose, a monkey, he asked which of the four pictures was different, and I circled the monkey,


Wisdom is expressed in different ways, and some wisdom is innate and comes from your family or genes.Like a deer, when he hears a sound, he will immediately instinctively realize that there is danger around him, wisdom is the ability to distinguish differences, why is it so important? Because with it, any dream pursued by mankind can become a reality, which is the key to wisdom, wisdom is the factory that makes wealth, wisdom is the factory that makes love, what season you are in, the difference is who likes you, if the king likes you, even if 1,000 people hate you, it will not prevent you from entering the palace.Wisdom is the ability to distinguish differences.