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What are some ways to learn and learn? (Pure dry goods)

2023-02-28 03:49:59

02, mind map learning method Mind mapping If you don't know this learning method, then you must remember it in your heart!

Because to tell the truth, there are good things instinctively want to selfish hiding, Ha Ha Ha Ha

Then back to the topic, yesterday said to everyone to sort out the dry goods today, the following, are a few sets of their practical learning methods that I have been using.

Learning methods can play a vital role in a person's growth, it can determine whether you can persist in learning, and more successful learning methods can generally appear relatively quickly.



Don't understand the name? No problem, understand is true

This method is also known as the "rapid learning method", because it can quickly find the knowledge that has just been learned or has not yet understood, which is very recommended!

Here's how:

Step 1: acquire knowledge (a concept) by fully understanding the content of the material you are studying.

Step 2: explain/retell what you have learned.

Step 3: Retell what you've learned again in your own way and subconsciously.

Step 4: This step is a cyclical process: dissatisfaction - error correction feedback; Satisfaction – Try to summarize in simpler and more concise language.Then use what you've learned to solve real-world problems and apply them.

Step 5: Reflect. Reflect on where you got stuck when thinking, focus on the place, and understand again.This process is crucial!

Step 6: Test, through continuous practical testing can consolidate your understanding of the knowledge point.

One of the most intuitive ways to measure your own understanding of a concept or knowledge is to tell it to someone else. If you can make someone understand what you are saying in clear and concise language, it proves that you fully understand the concept; if not, maybe you should try to understand it.

Canadian Scott. H. Scott h Young taught himself 33 computer science courses in an open course at MIT in one year, which normally takes four years to complete, and eventually passed all of them! In sharing his approach to learning, he also mentioned Richard Feynman's technique.

This is really super easy to use!!

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping this learning method if you do not know, then you must remember in mind ah! ! Please !! A pot tried to warn

The benefits of mind mapping are many:

Step1: Find keywords for learning content

Generally speaking, the course or book you are studying will have an outline or a table of contents, in which case the outline table of contents is the first keyword you can capture.

Step2: Organize the content related to the keyword into the sub-project of the keyword

What we should pay attention to at this step is that we should not forget the original intention of taking notes in order to easily remember knowledge points. Therefore, we should not copy the contents of the book. As a result, we remember more than the contents of the book, this runs counter to the ultimate goal of note-taking.


Step3: Put the small mind map into the large mind map as a small branch of it

What are the benefits of this? That is, it can integrate scattered and fragmented knowledge points to form a knowledge system, strengthen our understanding and memory of knowledge points, and truly apply what we have learned.

The benefits of mind mapping are many: first, it is convenient to record and strengthen memory; Secondly, the process is very free, the result is very clear, and it is an effective graphical thinking tool for expressing divergent thinking, simple and effective.

Using the skills of pictures and texts, the theme keywords and images, colors, etc. to establish memory connections, make full use of left and right brain functions, and use the laws of memory, reading and thinking to open up the unlimited potential of the human brain.

Remember the university cramming to participate in the debate, knowledge points reflected in the A4 paper, a good few pages, a night of overtime, using this method, the basic all down! ! It works like a charm! !! !

03.SQ3R Reading Method

This method is aimed at students who can't read books. The name of SQ3R is made up of the first letters of five words, the words“Survey!”, “Question!”, “Read!”, “Recite!” and“Review!” Mean --

1 before reading, browse;

In this process, it is necessary to cover all the important information extensively: book titles, subtitles, illustrated tables, review questions and prefaces, summary summaries, etc.

Ask questions as you browse;

From the title of the book, the title can start to ask questions, including the content of the next chapter, so that while reading while asking questions to stimulate interest in learning, promote research.

(3) When you start reading, read carefully;

This process requires repeated reading of important and difficult parts to understand as much as possible.You can use methods such as "reading notes" to combine existing knowledge and new knowledge to make connections.

(4) After reading a chapter, repeat it;

This process examines rapid memory and recalling content.See if the questions you started are answered correctly to test whether you understand.

5 review to continue.

Review is usually done a day or two after the repetition.You can not only revisit the existing knowledge, but also learn the new from the past, and generate new insights from the old knowledge.

Those who can't read the book can be saved


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